Auxiliary Equipment

Run In All Energies provides a complete range of auxiliary equipment such as generators and converters from leading brands such as Regoms Engineering Sdn Bhd.

avail Motor Power (kW): 15

avail Oil Tank Capacity (li): 400

avail Makeup Torque (kN·m): 10 118, 15 150

avail Breakup Torque (kN·m): 168, 180

avail Clamp Pipe Range (mm): 73 310, 73 360

avail Motor Power (kW): 7.5

avail Roller Motor Power (kW): 1.5

Sourcing, Rentals & Services

Looking for specific tools, deals, services, rentals, manpower or any items not currently available on RIA marketplace?

Please send us your request for quotation and we will source accordingly.