Hydraulic Tubing Anchor

Hydraulic Tubing Anchor

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Product condition: New

avail API Casing Sizes (inch): 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", 6 5/8", 7" to 9 5/8";

Usage: Up to 240% greater casing bypass area in comparison to Mechanical Anchors

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Hydraulic Tubing Anchor:

• Black Gold Hydraulic Tubing Anchor offers a superior solution to anchoring your tubing string during production.

• The hydraulic tubing anchor is self-actuating based on hydraulic pressure from the tubing fluid, and does not need to be manually set by the rig crew as with a mechanical anchor.

• The hydraulic tubing anchor is self-compensating to achieve optimal setting tension when the well is pumped-off (due to the slip design).

• Significantly reduces the mechanical stress on your rod & tubing strings / Maximizes your pumping efficiency / Eliminates wear on your casing.

• Up to 240% greater casing bypass area in comparison to Mechanical Anchors to mitigate risks of sand bridges and/or gas slugs formation near the anchor.

• Black Gold's extensive Anchor Selector app allows for optimization of anchor design for each producer's specific parameters.

• Ample space for usage with Capillary Tubing.

• Standard designs are available in all API casing sizes: 4-1/2", 5", 5-1/2", 6-5/8", 7", 7-5/8", 8-5/8", and 9-5/8".

• Fixed Slips are available in Wicker style & Carbide Button style.

• Features a robust sealing mechanism fabricated from aerospace tolerance and MIL-spec O-Ring.

• Simple to rebuild using Black Gold redress kit.

Product Details
Type of product Tubing Anchor
Location of the product Signal Hill, California, USA
Available For Sale
Size 2 7/8" EUE
Material Steel
Black Gold BG Hydraulic Anchor

Black Gold Technical Sheet for BG Hydraulic Anchor (296.83k)

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