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Air Compressor





Engine Displacement


Engine Type

Application: Compressed air for equipment

Product country of origin: UAE

Location of the product: UAE

Available: For Sale

Product certification: ISO9001

Supplier reference: 14

Original manufacturer: Regoms Engineering


Air Compressor:

Unit is a single piece configuration constructed in steel box sections designed for areas were space constraint is an issue.

• Equipment is suitable for operation maximum 50°C ambient temperature.

• Designed and manufactured to meet DNVGL-ST271, BS EN 1834 & EUMUA107

• Unit has four lifting points for crane handling & integral forklift pockets for ground handling.

• Skid is provided with DNV type 4 leg lifting wire slings.

• Unit is stackable were storage space is limited and premium.

• Tag lines provided at two skid corners to be used during lifting operations.

• Skid base frame is provided with pollution drip pans with drain plugs.

• Engine system 4 strokes – inline – Direct injection, 4-cylinders.

• Air Compressor - Drive type, direct engine drive, Compressor type, oil flooded rotary screw, Standard operating pressure 7 bar – 102 psi (with possibility to have different operating pressure up to 8 bar), Minimum working pressure 5 bar - 73 psi

• Hazardous Area Rating for Engine - Zone II, Temperature class T3, Category 3G built compliance to BP200, EN 1834-1:2000 & EEMUA 107 STD


REGOMS stands for Regional Oil & Gas, Marine & Mining Services.
The company was founded in January of 2013. With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, REGOMS is focused to become a renowned one-stop solution centre within the industry.

Readily active in the SEA region, REGOMS has successfully extended her wings in 2019 into Australia and through partners, into the Middle East. With a wide range of products & services and still expanding, REGOMS looks to serve more customers and provide technical and economical solutions towards the ever evolving and demanding industry.

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