Great Drill Bit Co. Ltd.

Great Drill Bit Co. Ltd.

Great Drill Bit Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998.

We are specialized in research, design, manufacturing and sales of drill bits and downhole tools, such as PDC bits, Roller cone Bits, all kinds of reamers, coring bits, hybrid bits, torkbusters and motors.

Thanks to our advanced design tools, manufacturing process, international management system and continuous technological innovation, the quality of our products is highly recognized from both domestic and foreign customers. We currently sell in the USA, Russia, Canada, Middle East, Central Asia, India and Indonesia.

Our mission is to continuously improve our performance and service.

avail Number of blades: 6, 8, 12

avail Core diameter (inch): 8 1/2"×4", 8 1/2"×4 1/8"

avail Model number: GMC1306, GMC1308, GMC1312

avail Bit sizes (inch): 5-1/2", 6", 6-1/4", 7-7/8", 8-3/4", 9-7/8", 10-5/8", 13-1/2" up to 19-1/4"

avail Tooth types: TCI, Stell tooth

avail IADC Codes: S617G, S517, 517, 117, 437, 137, 617, 114, 111, 537, 127, 217, 417