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Cementing Manifold Without Ball Dropping Sub & Swivel Assembly



Product country of origin: India

Location of the product: Khushkhera, Alwar, Rajasthan, India

Available: For sale and rent

Product certification: ISO 9001, API 11D1, API 5CT, API 14L

Supplier reference: 39COM-CT-CMF-3/CT92903

Original manufacturer: Completion Oil Tools Private Ltd


Cementing manifold without ball dropping sub & swivel assembly is designed for use with conventional land based drilling and service rigs, as well as with offshore rigs not equipped with a top drive or using a conventional manifold. the cementing manifold retains the pump down plug in a position in which the plug can be released after the cementing operations are completed. it also suspends the drill pipe weight from the elevators and connects the cementing lines to the running string during liner cementing operations. the heavy duty design and construction of this assembly easily handles the tensile loads seen in deep drilling liner applications with sufficient capacity to handle any problems like stuck pipe that could occur while running a liner assembly. cementing manifold is a robust cementation device which allows you to hang drill pipe weight by the rig elevators meanwhile retaining the plug to be released at will, once cementing is complete. the cementing manifold also connects the cementing lines to the running string during liner operations. cementing manifold is available with single or multi plug drop capabilities.


COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® PRIVATE LIMITED is a recognized Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Downhole Completion & Production Tools in a widespread range for the Oil & Gas domain. Established & managed by highly experienced oil field engineers, our Products match the highest quality & reliability Standards similar to an International major in Oil Tools industry. As a leader in Oil and Gas sector,COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® offers widespread range of highest quality Down hole Completion Equipment, with a deep understanding of your valued rig time and ensuring your project goals are realised in a safe and cost effective way.

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Complete Customer’s satisfaction to meet mutually agreed requirements is our objective, being achieved with the forte of Cost effective design, for the first time and every time, while protecting the well-being of all personnel, assets and the environment.

COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® is committed for, consistent development of challenging technologies ̸ solutions that helps our clients with their direct involvement, feedback and association, through an extensive research and development (R&D) investment, to maximize the value of their oil and gas assets,moreover timely supply of Quality Products & Services at reasonable price.

These objectives are achieved through a commitment of understanding and applying defined business processes, complying with established standards and implementing continual improvements. Rigorous attention will be given to achieving error-free processes, products and services while maintaining a safe environment.

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