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Solid Rigid Centralizer // Casing Size 4 1/2"-30" Type Aluminium Straight Blade Solid Rigid Hole Size Range 6"-36" Force Zero

Casing Size


Hole Size


Product Technical Configuration

Casing Size 4 1/2"-30"
Type Aluminium Straight Blade Solid Rigid
Hole Size Range 6"-36"
Force Zero

Product country of origin: India

Location of the product: India

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: COT-24

Original manufacturer: Crimson Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd

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Rigid Centralizers are an integral part of the cementing process. They provide the mechanism that centres the casing in the hole and allows uniform cement flow around the casing to help protect it at all points.

Several styles of centralizers are available for matching different well specifications and hole sizes, including turbulence generating designs that help clean the annulus and distribute the cement more evenly and uniformly.

All models offer ample clearance for fluid passage and are extra effective in centering the casing, even in highly deviated holes and improve cement flow by reducing the effects of channeling.


CRIMSON STEEL SOLID RIGID CENTRALIZER: It makes the casing centralized in wellbore and improves cementing quality.


CRIMSON SPIRAL BLADE SOLID RIGID CENTRALIZER: are designed to meet the needs for better cementing in high deviated and horizontal well.

The Spiral solid Rigid Centralizer is an aluminium / Zinc centralizer with similar design features of the steel solid Rigid Centralizer.

The spiral blade Solid rigid centralizer are available in R/H and L/H side.The smooth spiral 360 overlap solid vane design of centralizers provide wall Bore contact will not damage wellhead equipment, has high impact and shock resistance comand fluid swirl.

The 30° slope of the vane ends reduce drag and aid the casing in reaching TD.

Solid rigid centralizers are cast of a high grade aluminum alloy with onepiece construction.

They give optimum flow area in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Spiral Rigid Centralizers increases induced swirl which increases the displacement efficiency. The solid cast aluminium centralizers bine with high tensile and yield strengths as well as corrosion resistance.


CRIMSON STRAIGHT BLADE SOLID RIGID CENTRALIZER: strength and uniformity , overlapping metal fins for flexibility and strength to support long columns of cement during primary cementing operations.


Crimson Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of cementing products in India producing high quality cementing products and accessories.

We aim to design, manufacture and deliver the incomparable downhole drilling cementing solutions in the oil & gas industry ensuring customer satisfaction and reliability.

Along with the excellent cementing production, we also produce completion tools with endless number of choices for the user as per customer requirement.

Our highly-skilled and professional teams are trained to adapt all the latest technologies and deliver top-notch products and services. Crimson Oil Tools mainly focuses on quality, affordability and reliability. Some of our products include casing and solid rigid centralizers, float equipment, cementing plugs, stop collars, etc.

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