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High Load Grapple Connector

Outer Diameter



Coiled Tubing Size

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Supplier reference: 04-121D

Original manufacturer: Select Energy Systems Inc.


The Select High Load Grapple Connector is a surface hang-off tool used to hang high coiled tubing string loads from the bottom of a tubing hanger.

For example, the 2” High Load Grapple Connector has been designed to hold over 60,000# (28,000 daN) and handle pressures of 5,000 psi (35 mpa).


Select Energy Systems Inc (SESI) is a Canadian based service company providing solutions throughout Western Canada, United States and international oil and gas markets since 1988. Specializing in Coiled Tubing applications, SESI provides a variety of Coiled Tubing surface and down hole equipment. 

SESI offers tools and systems for a wide variety of applications including concept design and field installation. SESI’s experienced team has provided live well installations of various Coiled Tubing applications globally and trained end users on site in multiple countries. 

SESI now offers a Virtual Service Technician who can remotely assist you anywhere internet is available.  Through years of research and growth,

SESI now provides some of the most sought after equipment in thermal applications in Western Canada expanding our expertise in the oil production industry.  Select Energy Systems Inc is seen as a valuable and reliable vendor partnership to some of the world’s largest oil and gas producers and continues to be called upon to provide in-house solutions to solve complex issues.

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