Pup Joint

Pup Joint

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Pup joint

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Pup joints are sections of pipe included as part of Packers Plus multistage completion system tool assemblies.

Each pup joint provides a single length of the casing (liner) that is assembled to provide a conduit through which stimulation operations are pumped and the oil or gas will be produced from a wellbore.


Pup Joints are used to adjust the height of full length tubing or casing strings. They are also used to adjust the depth of downhole tools.


The specification of the tubing material, geometry of the tubing, and design of the connection thread are selected to suit the reservoir fluid and wellbore conditions.

Product Details
Type of product Pup joint
Size 4.5"
Connections B x P: LTC
Length 72"
Casing size 11.6#
Casing weight 11.6#
Packers plus Pup Joint

Product Sheet (251.82k)

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