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Hydrobur-service, LLC Positive Displacement Mud Motors 9 5/8 in

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Lobe & stage: 5,0 7,8

Bit size: 11.25" – 26,0"

Application: Oil and gas production and exploration wells sidetrack drilling vertical, directional & horizontal drilling workover operations.

Motor type: Adjustable Bent Housing

Motor size: 9 5/8 in

Supplier reference: 58001

Original manufacturer:



• Adjustable or Fixed Bent Housing;

• Standard / Even Wall / HMR Composite Power Sections;

• Common design for all motor sizes (power section, bearing section, connections);

• Various lobe configurations and contour lengths enabling any RPM and combination with high performance bits;

• Enhanced threaded connections preventing motor failures such as twistsoff and fatigue failures;

• Upper (Rotor) and Lower (Shaft) Catchers. APPLICATION

• Oil and gas production and exploration wells; • Vertical, directional and horizontal drilling;

• Sidetrack drilling;

• Workover operations.


• Drilling mud density up to 2000 kg/m3

• Maximum bottom hole temperature up to 120°C

• Maximum sand content up to 1% EXTREME PDM OPERATING ENVIRONMENT

• Oil-based mud (OBM)

• Maximum bottom hole temperature up to 160°C

•Saline muds 50 000 ppm 

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