Jar Booster

Jar Booster

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Product condition: New

Tool OD (inches): 6.55, 8

Tool ID (inches): 2.5, 3

Weight (lb): 1600, 3000

Length (ft): 19.8, 22.5

Pump Open Area (in²): 16.8, 30.7

Stroke Up (inches): 8, 12

Stroke Down (inches): 8, 12

Maximum Torque (ft-lb): 45000, 60000

Tool Connections: 4 1/2 IF, 6 5/8 REG

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The JB1 jar booster enhances any drilling jar’s effectiveness by accelerating the impact force. When your drill string gets stuck, a drilling jar applies forces to knock it free. However, this can be challenging in highly deviated, horizontal or shallow wells and in rigs with limited push/pull capacity.

Cougar’s jar booster increases the impact of the drilling jar’s force during these adverse applications where pipe stretch is limited or stored energy is minimized due to hole drag.


Increases impact force to any drilling jar Improves drilling jars’ ability to fire in highly deviated or lateral applications

Enables rigs with minimal push/pull to fire drilling jars effectively

Excellent performance in shallow wells where minimal pipe stretch is available

Product Details
Application Drilling
Product country of origin Canada
Location of the product Edmonton
Available For Sale
Product certification ISO 9001
Outer Diameter 6.55"
Inner Diameter 2.5"
Length 19.8ft
Weight 1600lb
Pump Open Area 16.8in²
Stroke Up 8"
Stroke Down 8"
Maximum Torque 45000ft-lb
Connectors 4 1/2 IF
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