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LV Aluminium Motor FA3

Brand Felm



Number of Poles

Mounting Position



Surface Finish

Thermistor Type

Product country of origin: Italy

Location of the product: China UAE

Available: For Sale

Supplier reference: FA3 100L3

Original manufacturer: Felm


Electric motors are source of energy and widely used to drive equipment such as compressors and pumps.


Available Options: 

• PTC Thermistor type,

• PT100 Probe type,

• Insulated bearings,

• Forced ventilation,

• Roller Motor Bearings,

• Painting of Motor


Motor prices to depend on the additional options.


FELM has been operating in the electric motor sector since 1960 and has a well-consolidated background in the market of electrical machines.

Thanks to the considerable experience of its staff, it can guarantee a technical back-up able to satisfy the most sophisticated technical requirements, both installations and maintenance, ensuring an International Service to its customers.

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