Rhino XS Reamer®

Rhino XS Reamer®

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Rhino XS Reamer - Series 5625 with D349 Cutters
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Rhino XS Reamer - Series 5625 with D349 Cutters


The Rhino XS hydraulically expandable reamer provides reliable hydraulic actuation for single-trip borehole enlargement with an activation ball that is dropped from the surface. Hydraulic actuation is provided by the Z-Drive reamer cutter block deployment system. When activated by the ball drop, the Z-Drive system pushes the cutter blocks upwards and radially outwards to the fully open position, facilitating rapid cutout and ensuring a full-gauge, concentric borehole, When pumping stops, the cutter blocks retract. Dependable retraction of the cutter blocks helps avoid stuck BHAs. Applications: - Shoe-track drilling when cement must be cleared from casing - Post-shoe-track drilling in formations that require enhanced stabilization - Hole enlargement while drilling Advantages: - Hydraulic activation - Cutter block design that eliminates PDC cutter contact with casing ID - Optional cement cleanout blocks for removals of the cement ID when sheath that forms in the casing ID when drilling the shoe track
Product Details
Type of product Reamer
Hole size 6.5" to 7"
Outside Diameter 5.62"
Type Single Ball Drop and Double Ball Drop System

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