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Mechanical Set Liner Hanger // Size Liner: 3 1/2"-16" Casing Size 5"-20" Material as per Customer Requirement Setting Mechanism Mechanical set Design/Feature With Metal Expandable Element, Rotational/ Non-Rotational


Casing Size




Setting Mechanism


Product country of origin: India

Location of the product: India

Available: For Sale

Product certification: ISO 9001

Supplier reference: CT-MCLH-MS

Original manufacturer: Completion Oil Tools Private Ltd.


Mechanical liner can be set with either right or left- hand rotation, depending on the type of setting tool or design.

Staggered cone provides maximum bypass area which results in ease of running in and circulation.

Automatic J-cage permits hanger to return to the run-in position, if the hanger set prematurely while running in the well.

The slip cage has a “J” slot and high strength drag springs to manage the movement of the slips with the cones.


Mechanical set liner hanger is set through manipulation of the work string (pickup & 1/4 right hand turn) line up the cones and the slips, and a further slack off sets the slips onto the casing wall.

In liner hanger we have two types e.g. double cone & non rotational, single cone & non-rotational, to suit various applications.

The mechanical liner hanger with integrated packer provides a method for hanging a liner off bottom and in tension by anchoring, the top of the liner in previous casing.


Completion Oil Tools mechanical liner hanger with J to J latching mechanism is set by giving right-hand rotation; with fully secured slips enclosed in pocket of cone.

It is available in both rotational and non-rotational type. Staggered cone design gives maximum bypass area which helps in running in and circulation.

Molded seal element withstand high pressure and temperature rating.

Metal seal element is highly resistant to swab off and mechanical damage while running in hole.


COMPLETION OIL TOOLS PRIVATE LIMITED is a recognized Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Downhole Completion & Production Tools in a widespread range for the Oil & Gas domain. Established & managed by highly experienced oil field engineers, our Products match the highest quality & reliability Standards similar to an International major in the Oil Tools industry. As a leader in the Oil and Gas sector, COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® offers widespread range of highest quality Down hole Completion Equipment, with a deep understanding of your valued rig time and ensuring your project goals are realised in a safe and cost-effective way.

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