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Frontier RU, LLC Liner Hanger Packer // Casing Size 5 1/2" Outer Diameter 4 21/64" Material P-110 Weight Casing: 23-26 lbs Thread API BTC

Casing Size

Outer Diameter





Product country of origin: Russia

Location of the product: Russia

Available: For Sale

Supplier reference: HangerPacker1

Original manufacturer: Frontier RU, LLC by NewTech Services


Liner Hanger Packer:

The Liner Hanger Packer is a downhole device used to suspend or “hang” long sections of oilfield casing inside a drilled open hole section of a well.

This hanger operates by hydraulically pushing the slips up the cone taper providing a wedge to hang the liner.

The hanging of a liner has several advantages:

- they can be used to case off problem zone areas,

- allow for better cement jobs in long well sections,

- provide two sealing barriers to the formation when using a Liner Top Packer.



• Multiple slip sets provide for increased load rating

• Allows rotation while running

• Hardened, mechanically constrained slips

• Integral Liner Packer and Liner Hanger provides shorter overall length for use in deviated applications

• Field adjustable setting pressures

• Equipped with a positive stop to prevent the cylinder from over stroking

• Non-swabbing, bonded packing element

• Premium double threaded locking ring system assures the packing element stays firmly set and sealed

• Higher load rating vs. conventional tools

• Reliable hydraulic slip activation

• No weld construction

• Field adjustable setting pressures

• 68.9 MPa differential pressure rating (10,000 psi), V3 rated


Пакер подвеска хвостовика Свойства

• Выдерживает больший вес по сравнению с обычными устройствами

• Допускает вращение во время спуска

• Полностью закаленные механически удерживаемые плашки

• Надежная гидравлическая установка плашек

• Отсутствие сварных соединений

• Давление установки регулируется в эксплуатационных условиях

• Оснащен жестким упором, не допускающим излишнего хода поршня.

• Уплотнительный элемент вулканизированный (bonded), не поддающийся смещению

• Для обеспечения надежной фиксации и герметизации уплотняющего элемента используется улучшенная система стопорных колец с двухзаходной резьбой

• Номинальный перепад давления 68,9 МПа (10 000 PSI), класс V3

• Механизм Interlock, предотвращающий преждевременную активацию пакера подвески


Frontier Oil Tools is a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited, an international oilfield services company founded in 2009. NewTech Services Holding Limited develops technology and expertise within 4 Business Divisions: Drilling Services, Completion Systems, Integrated Project Management and Capital Equipment. NewTech Services Holding Limited supplies technology products and services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry in Russia and CIS, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.

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