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Frontier RU, LLC Swell Packers 10,000psi Depended On Element Length

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Type of product: Water Swelling Elastomer

Outside Diameter: 8.20"

Material: P-110

Working pressure: 10 PSI

Temperature: 150°C

Length: 60"

Supplier reference: 57977

Original manufacturer:


NewTech Services swell packers are custom-manufactured by using specially developed swelling elastomer elements.

Water-swelling, oil-swelling, and hybrid elastomers especially designed and manufactured to suit a variety of downhole conditions. • Sleeve Type Packer • Elastomer Vulcanized onto Base Pipe


  • Annular isolation in open and cased holes.
  • Multistage hydraulic fracturing
  • Zonal isolation o casing-exit operations o water-bearing formations o damaged casing and perforation zones
  • Compatibility with any downhole screens and _ow control devices


  • Specifically formulated elastomer to suit the well conditions to swell in Water or Oil Based Fluids
  • Available in all standard casing sizes upon request 
  • Packer element available in any length upon request
  • Maximum swelling with no damage to operating specifications


  • Full production cycle manufacturing facility in Russia 
  • Temperature range between 15°C and 200°C 
  • Cost-effective and reliable zonal isolation during multi-stage fracturing
  • Water production control and increased lifetime of a production well 
  • Variety of petroleum applications 
  • Simple and robust
  • Customized swelling elements are especially designed and manufactured to suit a particular set of downhole conditions.

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