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Location of the product: West Africa

Available: For Sale

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Line Pipe:


Seamless Steel Line Pipe - API 5L and API 5B standard. Grade X52.
Connection: "Chamfered"
Outer diameter= 20 x SCH 30.
Dimension 38-42 feet standard DRL.
Coating layers epoxy paint + cement protection
SMLS Dbl Random Length 3 7'-42' BVLD End


Electric Induction Longitudinal Welding Line Pipe - API 5L Standard. Grade X52.
Outside diameter 12-3/4xSCH 80.
Size 38 and 42 feet standard DRL.
Epoxy paint coating + cement protection
LINE PIPE 12- 3/4"X 0.500 WT API 5L GR X-52
SMLS Dbl Random Length 37'-42' BVLD End

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