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CAD Control Systems Accumulator Bottle 2.5 Gallon, Bladder Type 1 1/4" Port Bottom Repairable, Reference 10200100

Location of the product: Oman

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: 10200100

Original manufacturer: CAD Control System

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Customized accumulator systems consisting of piston or bladder style accumulators can be provided for numerous different applications.

While many of the systems provided by CAD are used for stored energy on BOP Control Systems, both in surface and subsea applications, we can provide bottles and systems to meet many other needs.


STORED ENERGY Racks of accumulators can be provided as a source of stored energy for many needs, including back up power ources for power plants and steel mills.

These systems can be as small as one quart to actuate a single valve or be built out to supply thousands of gallons of fluid for large industrial systems that require large volumes at high pressure.


EMERGENCY SYSTEMS Accumulators can act as an emergency energy source in case of loss of electricity or pump output so that emergency sequences have an energy source in order to bring the system to a safe condition.


HYDRAULIC SHOCK LINE Properly sized accumulator systems can help eliminate hydraulic line shock caused by fast actuating valves and high flow circuits.


PUMP CATIVATION Installed on the outlet of a pump, system accumulators can significantly reduce pump cavitation and noise.


PRESSURE HOLDING AND LEAK COMPENSATION Accumulators provide a steady supply of pressure and can make up for system leakage, ensuring that your systems operate smoothly and reliably.


THERMAL EXPANSION In closed loop hydraulic circuits, accumulators can be utilized to provide protection from thermal expansion. Our engineering team can work with you to meet your particular needs based on the application.

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