CuBIC HF (High Frequency)

CuBIC HF (High Frequency)

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High frequency embedded drilling dynamics sensor 3-Axis +/-200G 800-1600Hz

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Compact embedded drilling dynamics data recorder with 3-axis accelerometer, gyro RPM and temperature measurements.

Continuous high frequency measurements.

Starter Pack:

CuBIC Retention Hatch &

Set Screws Hatch cover and retention bolts for CuBIC sensor.

$274.56 each

GameChanger - Data Merge &

Analysis Software Software to merge rig EDR data with downhole drilling dynamics data. Allows viewing of merged data.

$1,000.00 for 1 year license

Cables & Configuration/Download Software:

Cable and software to communicate with embedded drilling dynamics data recorder.

$660.00 per cable and software package

CuBIC HF Maintenance pack:

Lithium battery for CuBIC 3G. Rated 302F.

$45.00 per battery

Kapton Tape

Non-conductive tape

$50.00 per roll

CuBIC Maintenance tool kit

Tooling required for installation and removal of sensor outer housing.

$1500.00 each

Product Details
Type of product High frequency embedded drilling dynamics sensor
Size 0.75" Diameter x 3.80" Long
Pressure 15,000 PSI
Temperature 150C / 302F
Accelerometer 3-Axis +/-200G 800-1600Hz Continuous

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