Completion Tools

Enhancing production with downhole completion tools ✅ covering Oil and Gas wells and Geothermal applications. Learn about their types, functionalities and benefits improving reservoir performance with maximum efficiency and profitability. Access a large variety of solutions from international vendors accessing stock and equipment location.

Production and Intervention Packers

6 products

Access a wide selection of Packers from international vendors suitable for your well geometry and fluid production characteristics. Packers are used for well interventions and in production completion strings isolating the annulus and the production conduit.

Downhole Safety Valve

10 products

Downhole Safety Valves are important tools preventing blowout acting as a failsafe avoiding uncontrolled release of reservoir fluids. Commonly used in most completion strings.

Completion Tools Accessories

48 products

Discover an extensive array of completion accessories such as cementing accessories, centralizers and more tools completing your completion string.

Bridge Plugs

5 products

Access visibility on bridge plugs from international vendors. Permanent or retrievable bridge plugs enable wellbore isolation and sealing.

Liner Hanger Systems

9 products

Find here liner hanger solutions covering most of your well environement and casing structure. Including different types such as mechanical, hydraulic, premium or standard, rotating non-rotating, conventional, expandable or pocket slip with various range of ratings and features.

Frac Plugs & Sleeves

4 products

Discover an array of frag plugs used as a one way check valve for wellbore isolation in multistage stimulation treatments, hydraulic fracturing and perforations. Can be composite, dissolvable and drillable. Gain visibility on stock and equipment location.

Coiled Tubing Tools

21 products

Discover an array of coiled tubing tools covering your well intervention operations allowing continuous fluid circulation avoiding well killing. Gain visibility on technologies, features, stock and equipment location from multiple vendors.

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