Auxiliary Rig Equipment

Discover a range of additional auxiliary rig equipment such as generators, converters, test units, cabins etc. from leading international suppliers.

avail Pressure (bar): 5000 (max)

Working Medium: Oil/Water

avail Pressure (bar): 800, 900 (out)

avail Net Weight (kg): 40, 56

avail Dimensions (mm) : 600Lx500x560, 600x540x500, 860x530x500

avail Pressure (bar): 3300 (out)

avail Dimension (mm): 580x450x1100, 450x450x410

Pressure Transmitter Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S

Net Weight (kg): 150

Drive Power: Compressed air 

avail Engine Rating @ 2200 rpm (HP): 260, 300

avail Tank Capacity (bbl): 2 x 50

avail Weight (kg): 2600, 3000

avail Tank Volume (li): 1975

avail Power Supply: 415-440V 3PH 50Hz

Electric - IECEx, ExnA

40HP Motor

Variable Frequency Drive Starter with speed controller

avail Tank Capacity (bbl): 200, 500

avail Plunger Size (inch): 4”, 4 1/2”

avail Flow Rate (bpm): 7.5, 10.42

avail Maximum Pressure (psi): 7500, 10000, 15000

Engine Type: Detroit Diesel model 8V92TA

Fuel Reservoir Capacity (US Gal): 150

Flow: 500 BHP @ 2100 RPM

avail Plunger Size (inch): 4 1/2”

avail Pressure (psi): 6000

avail Flow Rate (bpm): 13

Max Air Supply Pressure - 100 psi (7bar)

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