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Payment methods

Run In All is offering its customers different types of payment methods and you can use the following ones:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)
  • ACH Credit
  • Bank wire transfer

At the time of registering your account into Run In All platform, you will be affected to a specific “account profile” allowing you to access different payment terms.

In order to make your customer experience the best, Run In All has partnered with a top payment gateway system bringing you security, flexibility, simplicity and a cost effective tool to process your transactions. You will be able to validate your payments within seconds with the authentication process set according to the payment method chosen.

Payment terms available:

  • 100% advance when processing the order (automatically set with Cards payment method. Can also be applied for Bank wire and ACH Credit Payment methods)
  • 30% advance 70% at order readiness confirmation EXW suppliers’ facilities (available for Bank wire and ACH Credit Payment methods)
  • 50% advance 50% at order readiness confirmation EXW suppliers’ facilities (available for Bank wire and ACH Credit Payment methods)

Online Transaction Process

What is STRIPE?

Our platform is using the latest payment gateway system named STRIPE (stripe.com). Founded in 2010 as a web and mobile payment API, Stripe has become since a complete infrastructure of payments accompanying marketplaces in covering their global needs in terms of: customer experience improvement, international set up and coverage, reporting and accounting and fraud control. Stripe currently processes billions of dollars of transactions monthly for startups and multinationals including Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Lyft or Deliveroo. To date they have raised up to 800M USD of funds and are valuated at 22B USD involving investors such as Google Capital, Visa, American Express, Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz and Paypal founders (Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin).

Payment by Cards

Credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are a dominant payment method globally, accounting for 41% of online payments.

Credit cards are issued by banks and allow customers to borrow money with a promise to pay it back within a grace period to avoid extra fees. Consumers can accrue a continuing balance of debt, subject to being charged interest on the amount.

Debit cards offer the convenience of card payments but are linked to a bank account, where funds are drawn directly from the linked account at the time of payment.

Visa and Mastercard, the largest card networks in the world, function exclusively as payment processing systems that do not issue cards to consumers directly. Instead, they allow banks and financial institutions to brand and distribute their cards. American Express is also a payment processing system that—unlike Visa and Mastercard—issues its own cards directly to consumers.

Process your Cards payment in three very simple steps:

  1. Select Credit Card when processing your payment
  2. Enter your credentials and go through the authentication process
  3. Get notified that your payment is processed and completed
Payment by ACH Credit

Credit transfers on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network enable customers to send funds from their bank account to a US-domiciled bank account. In 2019, the ACH network moved 24.7 billion electronic payments, making it one of the largest, safest, and most reliable payment systems.

To collect a payment via ACH credit transfer, Run In All will provide a routing and account number to our customers, who then initiate the payment from their bank account. Funds can take a few days to arrive, however some financial institutions process same-day ACH credit transfers, allowing for accelerated movement of funds.

Process your ACH Credit payment in four very simple steps:
  1. Select ACH Credit when processing your payment
  2. Receive our virtual business bank details for payment
  3. Validate and transfer money to our virtual business bank
  4. Get notified that your payment is processed and completed
Payment by Bank wire

Bank transfers let customers send money to us directly from their bank account. Bank transfers are often used by:

  • Software or services businesses accepting large, one-off payments from other businesses.
  • Businesses that want a low-cost alternative to cards for large one-time consumer payments
Bank transfers may not be a good fit for you if:

  • For multiple payments, customers have to initiate bank transfers through their bank account and can send the wrong amount.
  • Lengthier process that could have impact on delivery. It may take hours or even days to send payment via a bank and bank transfers have varying speeds by market
  • The potential refund process may be more complicated. Most bank transfer methods don’t support refunds directly. To refund a transaction, Run In All will contact the customer to find the best way to refund them. The customer may not always respond.

At checkout, we will instruct the customer to send funds to an account number provided by Stripe (known as a “virtual account number”). The customer initiates the transfer from their bank’s site, app, ATM, or in-person branch.

Process your Bank wire payment in four very simple steps:
  1. Select Bank wire when processing your payment
  2. Receive our business virtual bank details for payment
  3. Validate and transfer money to our virtual business bank
  4. Get notified that your payment is processed and completed
STRIPE Connect

Marketplaces and platforms use Stripe Connect to accept money and pay out to third parties. Connect is a set of programmable APIs and tools allowing Run In All to facilitate payments on our marketplace, and pay out sellers or service providers globally—all while having Stripe handle payments compliance.

Our process is what they call “One-to-Many”: One customer is charged, and the funds are split between multiple recipients (e.g. a retail marketplace where a consumer can purchase from multiple online stores).

How it works with Connect - Onboarding of customers

At the time of a new account registration, Run In All will go through its due diligence process to verify your company identity to avoid fraud.

Step 1 – Accept Payments
Run In All proposes different payment modes and terms to its customers often including advance payment and stage payments. But all terms include 100% of payments to be made through RIA’s STRIPE online escrow account (not Run In All bank account) before collection and shipment of the goods.
If the vendors do not manufacture and deliver the goods, then STRIPE returns the funds to the customers given them security of payment and contractual commitment from Run In All.

Step 2 – Manufacturing period / Order Preparation
Run In All escrow account keeps the funds received from the customer until the vendors gave the documented proof that the goods are ready for collection.

STEP 3 – Order readiness confirmation
Run In All inform the customer that the goods are ready for collection and last payment milestone “when applicable” is to be made before release and shipment.

STEP 4 – Final payment confirmation and shipment
Run In All escrow account receive the final payment milestone from the client.
We collect and ship the goods according the agreed contractual terms.

STEP 5 – Payout of Vendors
Run In All then pays the suppliers according the agreed terms.

Thanks to this process all parties are protected and Run In All can manage payments efficiently through one single dashboard.

Run in All fraud prevention
Concerns about sanctions

As a U.S. company, Run In All complies with all sanctions programs administered by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), along with a number of other national and international sanctions regimes. This includes both prohibitions against interactions with certain individuals and entities as well as comprehensive bans on business dealings involving certain countries or regions that are targeted by sanctions regimes.

Fraud prevention

There’s no foolproof method to detect bad actors so it’s good practice to assess an account’s holistic risk profile to help mitigate fraud risks. The more we understand your company profile and business, the better this assessment will be.

Run In All will:

  • Verify your account profile (within a certain amount of time) before you do business through your platform
  • Examine your company’s online presence through social or professional profiles like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
  • Closely review your company’s website
  • Collect appropriate licenses if appropriate
  • Confirm your company user’s email address and check if it’s linked to your business domain
  • Collect and verify company-appropriate information such as a physical address, inventory list, or selling history
  • We may monitor activity on our platform to get a sense of typical behavior, which we can use to look for suspicious behavior
  • We may ask supporting documents and approval form shareholders and the ultimate mother company
  • Possibility to request for an audit
  • Collection of last three-year financial reports

On rare occasions, Run In All might shut down specific accounts. You will receive notification if this occurs.