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Frequently asked questions

Last Modified: October 01, 2023

Customer account

How do I create a customer account?

Your Customer account is your personal space on Run In All's platform. You can access it after registration using your email address and password.

You can use your Customer account to:

  • Change your personal details

  • View all your quotations

  • View all your open and closed orders

  • Track your open orders

  • Manage your profile

Creating your account

This account will be linked to an email address and password that must be entered each time you log in.

  1. Access our website and click “Account” on the header

  2. Select “Sign up here”

  3. Follow the instructions to create your account

I forgot my password

No issues – you can create a new one!

The process is fast and simple:

  1. Access our website and click “Account” on the header

  2. Select “I forgot my password”

  3. After entering your email address, you will receive an email with a link to set up your new password.

We recommend using a password with 8 characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols.

I would you like to change my password

You can change your password at any time:

  1. Access our website and click “Account” on the header

  2. Enter your log in details

  3. Select “new password” in the tab “My profile”

  4. Click “update contact information”

Account cancellation

To cancel your account simply email us at contactus@runinall.com. Your account will be deleted once the final order is closed and no outstanding payments are linked to the account. Customer will have to advise Run In All regarding the backup of the account’s history.

Once the account is cancelled you won’t be able to access it using your login details.

If you would like to reactivate a closed account please email us once again at contactus@runinall.com

Cancellation and refunds

You have changed your mind and wish to cancel your order (cancellation)

What are the Customer rights?

Customers may cancel a confirmed transaction of any Vendor Products; however, such cancellation is subject to the cancellation policy as stated and displayed by the Vendor’s Listing and shall be solely responsible for any fees associated with the cancellation of the Vendor Product Purchase Contract. Please send your cancellation request at contactus@runinall.com and one of our associate will be contacting you within 48hrs.

What are the vendor rights?

If a Vendor cancels a confirmed transaction of any Vendor Products due to its inability to fulfil the order, the Vendor shall instruct Run In All to refund the money to the Customer held on account of such order. Failure of the Vendor to instruct Run In All does not prohibit Run In All from refunding the Customer if the Vendor Products have not been delivered within the greater of ninety (90) days or the timeframe agreed upon between the Customer and the Vendor.

The cancellation of any Vendor Product Purchase Contract by either the Customer or the Vendor, or the refund of the price of a Vendor Product subject to an accepted Warranty Claim does not absolve the Vendor of its obligation to pay the Commission Fees pursuant to the Vendor Agreement between Run In All and the Vendor, and such Commission Fees shall be deducted from amounts payable to the Vendor in accordance with the Vendor Product Purchase Contract.

How will you be refunded?

You will be refunded by the same method of payment that you chose at the time paying for your order.

You will be credited directly to your bank account and receive the funds as soon as the amount to be refunded is calculated and agreed between the Customer and Run In All.


Your order has arrived broken/incomplete/non-compliant


Information for processing your claim:

  • Take photos of the defect(s) (for an incomplete product, a photo of the parcel’s label and the assembly instructions showing the missing products will be required);

  • Don't throw away the products received;

  • Don't make or attempt any repairs on the defective products.

What to do?

When you make your claim, we will ask you to detail the problem, provide photos and submit your choice of option to resolve the dispute:

The Customer has fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery of the Vendor Products within which to make a Warranty Claim which shall be sent to contactus@runinall.com

What can I claim?

For each defective product, you can request a solution from the following list:

  1. Product replacement;

  2. Refund;

  3. Receiving the missing parts;

Your choice will be considered once your claim has been examined and in accordance with the vendor's legal conditions;

The Vendor is solely responsible for its Vendor Product warranties. If the Customer claims that a Vendor Product is defective (a “Warranty Claim”), Run In All will assist the Customer and Vendor in resolving the matter; however, in no event shall Run In All be liable for any costs associated with any Warranty Claims. Customer is responsible to review and accept the vendor warranty terms upon acceptance of an order.

Upon approval of the Warranty Claim by the Vendor, Vendor shall decide to replace the defective products or send the missing products in the shortest period from the date of notification of the claim or to reimburse Run In All for the platform to refund the customer. Upon receipt of the refund from the Vendor, Run In All shall refund the Customer. A refund may take up to sixty (60) days to complete. The Customer is responsible for fulfilling its obligations to return the Vendor Products to the Vendor and to take any other reasonable steps to verify the Warranty Claim. In the case of acceptance of a claim from a vendor, the vendor shall bear all associate shipping costs in order to close the claim. Run In All has no responsibility for the costs of return shipping of the Vendor Product.

In the event that the Vendor requires support from the Customer to return the defective products please remember to ask the carrier for proof of shipment with tracking so you can provide evidence to the vendor that you have sent it. That will also allow you to track delivery of the item until it has arrived at the vendor's warehouses. Customer shall not send back any vendor product unless the vendor has officially accepted the claim and requested the products to be returned. Unfortunately, if your return has no tracking number and the vendor has not received the defective products, a refund may be cancelled.

Quote and Order Management

How do I raise a Quotation and place an Order on Run In All platform? You will see, there is nothing simpler.

To order on Run In All, you must have a customer account. Please go through our FAQ “How do I create a customer account”.

  1. Add the desired products to your basket.

You have many means to find the products you are looking for as fast as possible:

  • Use the search tool bar entering product descriptions or part numbers
  • Use the burger menu and select the corresponding categories and sub-categories
  • On the sub-category page, streamline your research by using the filters developed for you to find the right product within seconds
  • Visit the “All categories” page giving you a global visibility on all the technologies we have available on the platform
  • From the homepage filter by “Brand” and see all the products belonging to this vendor

  1. Confirm your Cart

Once you are done selecting products, review your Cart content by clicking “Go to Cart” and process the request.

Important. Prices indicated are generic market reference prices. Those values will vary at the quotation stage according to many criteria such as volume, lead-time requested, variation of raw material prices, country of delivery, client profile etc. Also, the quote does not include taxes and delivery charges which will depend on your shipping request.

  1. Fill in your shipping instructions

The Platform will automatically fill in some information using your account profile. You may change those manually when required.

You will be able to inform us about:

  • The key contacts to manage this enquiry and order (Buyer and Supply chain contact details).
  • Select the applicable incoterm and shipping
  • Chose the delivery and Invoicing addresses. If you wish to add new ones just click on “add new address”.
  • Enter manually important information regarding the shipment (crate markings, documents required, packing type etc.).

Our logistic manager will be in direct contact with your supply chain contact to make sure we have all information required to make this shipment happen as per your request.

  1. Confirm your Quotation request

You have now raised a quotation and the platform has generated a quotation number that you can track in your account dashboard under “My Quotes”. You should also receive via email the detail of this quote.

  1. Negotiations and Validation of the Quote to place a firm Order

From the moment you have raised a quotation number, we commit to comeback to you with the following information within the shortest period possible.

Run In All will negotiate with all involved vendors the “Best prices” and shortest “delivery time”.

We will also add to your quote all necessary charges such as Taxes, Shipping costs and possible Custom and Duties.

You will be informed that your quote has been updated with the final contractual terms vie email and through notifications (messages) that will be sent to your account.

To accept and place an order:

  • Go to your account and select the quote under “My Quotes”

  • Click on “Quotation details”

You will see a “chat room” page where we can directly communicate and find the update prices, delivery time and additional charges.

At this stage you will need to either “accept the quote” and process with the payment or “decline”. Please note that a declined quote cannot be reopened, and you will need to create a new one if you wish to order the same products.

Once you have processed the payment according to the agreed terms for your account Run In All is issuing a firm Purchase Order number. The order becomes active only once the first payment is received as per your terms.

Congratulations, you have raised online a Purchased Order for Oil & Gas products through Run In All marketplace!

Quote and Order Tracking

My Dashboard

Run In All has developed for its customers a user friendly and dynamic dashboard helping you to track all your activity and manage your profile.

Your dashboard is composed of:

  • Your “Profile” tab

  • Your “My Quotes” tab

  • Your “My Orders” tab

My Quotes

Details on the status of your “Quotes:

Awaiting Status: You have processed a quote and received a confirmation email with a quotation number. This new quote is now under the status “awaiting”. You are awaiting Run In All sales administrator to update this quote with the final contractual terms (Prices, delivery time and additional charges).

In Negotiation Status: Run In All sales administrator has updated the quote with the final contractual terms. This revised quote is now under the status “in negotiation”. You have received it via email and also a notification to your account. You can see and access it by clicking “Quotation Details”.

You can now:

  • send messages through the chat room we have developed to directly communicate with Run In All team

  • validate the quote by clicking “Accept the quote” to process with the payment

  • Reject the quote

Outstanding Payment Status: Please review under this status all the quotes you have approved but for which you have not yet processed the payments. Your order will become effective only once the first payment is processed. Please expect receiving reminders from Run In All for you to proceed with the payment.

Approved Status: Here are all the quotes that you have approved and processed the payments. They have also become a firm purchase order and you can track them under “My Orders”. Please note that the Purchase order number will be issued by email and will be different than the initial quote number.

Rejected Status: Run In All will keep record under this status all the quotes you would have refused and rejected. Those quotes are now closed and cannot be re-opened. If you wish to purchase the same products, please raise a new quote.

For any questions regarding your Quotes please do not hesitate contacting via email at contactus@runinall.com or via our hotline.

My Orders

Details on the status of your “Orders:

Different status should appear under “My Orders” in a dynamic manner, according to the agreed payment method, payment terms and the evolution of your order delivery.

Here is the list of the different status showing the evolution of your order:

First payment loaded: According to the agreed term the Customer needs to initiate a first or full payment to make the order effective. Run In All is informing you that we have well received the initial payment and that the order has now become active. First payment may be 100% of your order value or a partial payment.

On going: Your purchase order is under manufacturing or being processed for packing according to the agreed delivery time and packing conditions requested by the customer.

Awaiting final payment: According to your account profile it is possible that the agreed terms involve milestone payment or a single payment with the last payment to be done when your order is ready EXW at vendors facilities. Run In All under this status is informing you that we are awaiting the last and full payment before shipping/releasing the order.

On the way: You have chosen Run In All to handle the logistic and the delivery of your order and it is now on the way. We will regularly update you with latest shipping updates and also provide shipper tracking numbers for further details.

Delivered: Through your account dashboard you will be able to review and track all your activity on Run In All platform including the history of the orders delivered. An order fully paid and delivered is considered as closed.

Refund: Under “My Orders” you can also keep record of the orders for which you have been entitled for a refund. Please go through the section named “Cancellation and refund” for any questions on this topic.

If you need further assistance regarding your orders, please do not hesitate to reach our customer service via email or through the hotline. Please note that key documents will be automatically send to you via email and invoices are also accessible through your orders.

Technical assistance for using the products

You need technical assistance feel free to contact us and our product experts will be supporting you.

You may ask for specification datasheet, assembly or installation procedures, storage procedure or any other procedure you feel is important and that were not part of the initial shipping documents.

Now, if you need onsite services call us urgently and we will check with the vendor to arrange that. An additional order will have to be raised for the service job.

Products and Vendors reviews

Please note that as a customer you are entitled to rate and review the vendors and the products that you have purchased. To do that, login and go on the product page, at the bottom you will find the “review” section.

What is the “Send Sourcing Request” page

Although Run In All platforms offers a wide range of brands and technical solutions it is possible that you may not find the right products according to your operation’s needs.

This page offers you the possibility to contact Run In All team for any enquiries you may have. If you are looking for specific tools, deals, services, rentals, manpower, workshops or any products not yet advertised on Run In All please send us your RFQ and we will work on it right away.

You have the possibility to give us an RFQ deadline and enclose all necessary support documents. If for the same product you need multiple vendor options, please advise us.

Run In All is connected to a vast network of service companies for whom you may not see their products and services advertised on the platform. But we can give you technical expertise, recommendations and connect you with the right service team for your needs.

What does Run In All has to offer

Our unique Energy industry online marketplace was designed to serve Operators, service companies, wholesale suppliers and vendors, by providing its members and users with an efficient transactional platform.

We have developed a user-friendly process of Online buying and selling with logistic support for Energy materials and/or services. Our platform is managed and supported by an experienced energy industry team, with the collective goal to help your business succeed!

On RunInAll Energies Marketing and Sales Media you will be able to:

  • Access an online technical database

  • Purchase new products

  • Access Rental and services solutions

  • Purchase reconditioned items

  • Access great deals such as inventory, destocking or discounted items

  • Find updates on newly developed and launched technologies

  • Use our platform as a sourcing tool

  • Get online technical expertise and support

  • Get delivered to your door by subcontracting the logistic to us

  • Make fast, cheap and secured payments online

Upon your request Run In All can develop APIs to connect our transactional portal to your ERP systems optimizing and facilitating your procurement to a new level.

Why should I buy through RunInAll portal – Value Creation

24/7 One stop shop solution: giving instant access to your favorite brands, products and services.

Sourcing & Solutions: Our experts will help you find technical solutions to your RFQ’s management or any specific needs for your problems and applications.

Technical database: Access online a global technical database, with a robust and user-friendly interface.

Transactions that fit your budget: Avoid intermediaries and access cost effective opportunities on services, new items, unused stock or reconditioned items with no intermediaries nor commission on sales.

Reduce your operating costs: Buy smarter, minimizing risky stock investment, faster and get delivered to your chosen location. Optimizing your procurement and supply chain process brings tremendous costs savings. Minimize the number of Purchase Orders and Invoices by mixing brands and products within the same Cart.

Secured Payments: Make secured payments cheaper, faster and easier through a top online payment gateway. Run In All offers you a variety of payment methods and terms fitting your finance requirements. For more details on this topic please go on the dedicated page, available on the footer, and called “Payment methods”.

Worldwide shipping: Save time and costs, Run In All logistic team can manage the delivery. At quotation stage chose the applicable Incoterm, shipping mode and provide all required instructions. Track online your order delivery update. For more details on this topic please go on the dedicated page, available on the footer, and called “Logistic services”.

Supported by Industry Experts: Run In All platform has been developed by industry experts to better answer and service your needs. Get online technical assistance for any questions you may have regarding a product or your application.