Chemicals & Additives

Discover a wide range of high quality chemicals and additives for oilfield applications, including drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production.

avail Materials:

Micronized cellulose fiber (Fracseal)

Broad spectrum blend of sized and shaped materials (Stoploss)

Mutation Value of Thickening Curve: Bc ≤10

Free liquid,% : ≤1.4

Loss of water: ≤100 (ml/80℃ 6.9Mpa. 30min)

Sudden change value of consistency : ≤10 40Bc-100Bc

avail Appearance: Light yellow or colorless liquid

Initial consistency: ≥60 (η,%)

Density: 1.00±0.05 g/cm3

Screen residue: ≤10 % (60 mesh/0.25mm)

Young's modulus reduction rate: ≥25 % (60°C,0.1MPa,48h)

Rheological properties 85℃,0.1MPa,20min n≥0.5 k, ≤0.7

Thickening time ratio: 1.0-2.0 (85℃,70.3mPa,44min)

Appearance: colorless or yellowish viscous liquid

Recovery rate of cement slurry density: ≥90.0 %

avail Appearance: Gray white Solid

Free flow powder initial consistency : ≤30 (Bc)

avail Appearance: Gray white Solid

Consistency (Bc): ≤30

avail Fineness : ≤10.0 % (0.315 mesh), ≤15.0 % (0.315mm mesh)

avail Water Content: ≤0.2 %, ≤8.0 %

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