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Batch Mixer // Height 3.75 m Capacity Tank: 2x50 bbl Engine Rating 260 hp @ 2200 RPM Engine Type Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel



Engine Rating

Engine Type

Product Technical Configuration

Height 3.75 m
Capacity Tank: 2x50 bbl
Engine Rating 260 hp @ 2200 RPM
Engine Type Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel

Application: Mix fluid/chemical

Product country of origin: UAE

Location of the product: UAE

Available:  For Sale

Product certification: ISO9001

Supplier reference: 7

Original manufacturer: Regoms Engineering


Acid Batch Mixer 2 X 50 BBL:

All items incorporated in the unit are brand new unless stated.

The unit consists of a heavy-duty custom skid subdivided into 3 pieces.

• The skid consists of the Cummins QSB 6.7 hydraulic power pack package along with the diesel and hydraulic tanks mounted on skid. • On two separate skids there is mounted one 50BBL tank each.

• Skid houses an operator platform with roof and control panel.

• The unit has the necessary C-pumps, and piping.

• The design and the selected components for the units takes into account the harsh climate of the Middle East and can be operated at up 55°C.

• The design takes into consideration the ease of operation of the unit as well as the ease of accessibility of components and their maintenance.

• Highly durable components are selected to make the unit last. Mounted on the skid as part of the hydraulic power pack package.

• Voltage: 12V • Fan Type: Pusher • Flywheel Housing is SAE 3

• Oil Filter • Oil Pump • Alternator • Fuel Injection pump • Water pump • Fuel Filter • Oil cooler • Oil pressure switch • Fan Drive

• Radiator Pneumatic System - Air compressor + Air tank but no air actuators


Batch Mixer 2 X 50 BBL:

DNV_2X50 BBL – Two tanks mounted on heavy duty offshore skid

• DNV_ Diesel Engine Driven Power Pack mounted on heavy duty offshore skid

• Batch Mixing Tanks - Two (2) cylindrical 50 BBL tanks made of mild steel with shell = 8mm & bottom dish = 10mm. Piping - 4” Valve - Dry cement delivery lines with inlet at the base of the skid or 5” Valve - Water supply/cement slurry recirculation lines or 6” Valve - Bottom outlet or 4” Valve - Tank drain and suction from outside tank. All valves – Brand – GESCO.

• Caterpillar C 9 ACERT Engine

• Industrial 'B' rated Engine as per specification and consists

• Turbocharger, air to air after cooled

• Peak Torque – 687 ft-lbs, Peak Power – 300 HP

•Two (2) Double life / Forum – 6X5 Centrifugal Pumps


REGOMS stands for Regional Oil & Gas, Marine & Mining Services.
The company was founded in January of 2013. With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, REGOMS is focused to become a renowned one-stop solution centre within the industry.

Readily active in the SEA region, REGOMS has successfully extended her wings in 2019 into Australia and through partners, into the Middle East. With a wide range of products & services and still expanding, REGOMS looks to serve more customers and provide technical and economical solutions towards the ever evolving and demanding industry.

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Batch Mixer Height 3.75 m
Capacity Tank: 2x50 bbl
Engine Rating 260 hp @ 2200 RPM
Engine Type Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel
Batch Mixer Weight 8.0 ton
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Engine Rating 300 hp @ 2200 RPM
Engine Type DNV_ Diesel Engine
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