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Centrifugal Pump // Temperature 0 - 50°C (Ambient) Length 3.125 m Weight 3000 kg Width 1.28 m Height 1.850 m






Product Technical Configuration

Length 3.125 m
Temperature 0 - 50°C (Ambient)
Weight 3000 kg
Width 1.28 m
Height 1.850 m

Application: Pump fluid/chemical

Product country of origin: Germany UAE

Location of the product: Germany UAE

Available:  For Sale

Product certification: ISO9001

Supplier reference: 1

Original manufacturer: Regoms Engineering


4×3×13 Centrifugal Pump Unit:

Control Panel - comprising start button, stop button, tachometer, emergency stop and engine gauges.

Pump suction and discharge gauges mounted local to pump;Flow rates up to 800 gpm (19 bpm);

Engine - Cummins 4BTA3.0 engine providing 130 bhp @2500 rpm, 12V Starter, 12V Alternator, Mechanical Clutch PTO, Rigsafe / Gulf “Z2” spec with chalwynvalve (overspeed shut down) and spark arrestor;

Pressures over 350ft (water) / 100m differential head;

Centrifugal Pump - Mission Magnum 4×3×13 c / w mechanical seal


C-Pump 2000Lpm 7.5Bar:

❖ 2000lpm Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

❖ 20kW In-Tank Heater

❖ 45kW Electrical Motor


REGOMS stands for Regional Oil & Gas, Marine & Mining Services.
The company was founded in January of 2013. With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, REGOMS is focused to become a renowned one-stop solution centre within the industry.

Readily active in the SEA region, REGOMS has successfully extended her wings in 2019 into Australia and through partners, into the Middle East. With a wide range of products & services and still expanding, REGOMS looks to serve more customers and provide technical and economical solutions towards the ever evolving and demanding industry.

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Product Name Configuration
Centrifugal Pump Length 2.7 m
Weight 2600 kg
Width 2 m
Height 1.85 m
Power Supply 415-440 V 50Hz 3PH
Volume Tank: 1975 litres
Centrifugal Pump Length 3.125 m
Temperature 0 - 50°C (Ambient)
Weight 3000 kg
Width 1.28 m
Height 1.850 m
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