PKT Turbo

PKT Turbo

Petro-King Turbo FZCO (formally called TurboDynamics Pte Ltd) is a Dubai incorporated company dedicated to advancing turbodrill technology and the provision of related high-quality operational services to the Oil & Gas drilling industry. The company is incorporated at Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) since Nov 22nd, 2017. Previously it was a wholly owned subsidiary of Petro-king Oilfield Services Ltd who are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange (2178).
From its inception in 2011 Petro-King Turbo FZCO (PKT Turbo), remit has been to design a turbodrill with a view to making it more powerful, efficient and user friendly both from an operational perspective and also from a manufacturing and maintenance standpoint, when compared to any other competitor turbodrill currently in the global market. This has been achieved primarily by having a core management team with over 100 years cumulative oilfield drilling experience within excess of 60 of those years specifically involved in all aspects of the global Turbodrilling business, from design, manufacturing, to sales and operations.
Our goal was and is simply to provide our customers with quality solutions and services, through continuous advancement of technology.
Following an intense R&D and manufacturing period TurboDynamics (Today’s called Petro-King Turbo FZCO) introduced their first turbodrills into the market in early 2013.
Turbodrill Principle
A turbodrill consists of multistage vane-type stator and rotor blades which converts the hydraulic energy (flow x pressure) of the drilling fluid into mechanical energy to drive a shaft and drill bit. A “stage” consists of one set of stator and rotor blades. The stators are stationary, locked to the turbine body, and deflect the flow of drilling fluid onto the rotors which are locked to the drive shaft. As the rotors are forced to turn, the drive shaft is also forced to turn, causing the bit to rotate.

Motor Sizes (mm): 73, 121, 172, 245

Hole Sizes (mm): 83-102, 143-171, 194-251, 286-455

Motor Types: Directional, Vertical, Standard, HTHP, Customized

Applications: Oil and Gas drilling, Geothermal drilling