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Vallourec Line Pipe Vallourec 16" 0.886Wt X52QO 3LPE SMLS // Size 16"x0.886 Type Line Pipe

Supplier Vallourec



Product Technical Configuration

Size 16"x0.886
Type Line Pipe

Product country of origin: Brazil

Location of the product: Brazil

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference:

Original manufacturer: Vallourec

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Vallourec Line Pipe Vallourec 16" 0.886Wt X52QO 3LPE SMLS


Vallourec delivers a full range of seamless line pipe and accessories and coordinates with a panel of carefully selected subcontractors and subsidiaries for associated services, to provide you with an integrated, reliable and competitive offer for your onshore and offshore line pipe projects.

Thanks to its expertise and experience, Vallourec develops and delivers the highest standards for seamless pipes to address extreme environments: improved tube performance, enhanced weldability and better resistance to corrosion. Vallourec's services are tailored to bring value beyond the pipe and support the increasing complexity of onshore and offshore operations.

Project Line Pipe is able to dispense a dedicated offer for your line pipe projects:

  • Seamless Line Pipe for Onshore & Offshore applications
  • Serimax Welding and Field Joint Coating Services
  • Vallourec Smart digital solutions
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Vallourec Line Pipe Vallourec 16" 0.886Wt X52QO 3LPE SMLS 16"x0.886 Line Pipe

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