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XL_Systems NOV Casing 30'' x 1'' Wt X-65 Drive Shoe X Butt // Size 30" x 1" Type Casing

Supplier XL Systems NOV



Product Technical Configuration

Size 30" x 1"
Type Casing

Product country of origin: USA

Location of the product: West Africa

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference:

Original manufacturer: XL Systems NOV

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NOV Casing:

Range III c/w XLC-S Box Up X Inverted Bevel Down integrally threaded connection,

Flush OD/ID PDL,

Protecting - Driving - Lifting Devices

OD Coated with Mill Varnish,

ID Bare & uncoated


XL Systems supplies the onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling industry with robust and reliable connector products for conductor and surface casing strings.

We’ve continuously served the industry since 1985, launching several industry-first innovations.

XL Systems has a strong commitment to designing and manufacturing high-performance, large-bore connector products. We pride ourselves on being a technology leader in connector development.

Our product development process includes advanced digital simulations followed by full scale physical testing to benchmark product performance.

Proven products allow our customers to understand, evaluate, and quantify risks for harsh environment well construction projects.

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