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Top Drive Cementing Head // Size 3 1/2"- 4 1/2" Material Any Design/Feature With double plug




Product Technical Configuration

Material Any
Size 3 1/2"- 4 1/2"
Design/Feature With double plug

Product country of origin: India

Location of the product: India

Product certification: ISO 9001, API 11D1, API 5CT, API 14L

Supplier reference: CT-TOCH-4/CT92901

Original manufacturer: Completion Oil Tools Private Ltd.

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The top drive cementing head with double plug being manufactured from one piece of forged cylindrical body is robust in nature and easy to use.

Cementing head comprises of flag sub, valve operated plug dropping manifold, ball dropping sub & by pass cementing manifold available with box up and pin down if as standard or premium connections as per customers requirement applicable for pressure rating up to 10,000 psi cementing line and tensile strength of 500 ton.

The positive ball dropping sub is used to release varied sizes of setting balls to a ball seat down hole.

This can be accomplished without breaking a drill pipe connection at the surface or by removing a hammer union cap.

The ball is enclosed in a recess unaffected by the flow of fluids and is released with a simple turn of the handle.

The handle is locked during the circulation period thus preventing possible premature release of setting ball.

The sub is designed to drop varied sizes of ball ranging from 1.125” to 2.250" diameter.


COMPLETION OIL TOOLS PRIVATE LIMITED is a recognized Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Downhole Completion & Production Tools in a widespread range for the Oil & Gas domain. Established & managed by highly experienced oil field engineers, our Products match the highest quality & reliability Standards similar to an International major in the Oil Tools industry. As a leader in the Oil and Gas sector, COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® offers widespread range of highest quality Down hole Completion Equipment, with a deep understanding of your valued rig time and ensuring your project goals are realised in a safe and cost-effective way.

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