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GeoGLIDER EXTREME Centralizers // Casing Size 4 1/2" Hole Size 6"

Casing Size

Hole Size

Product Technical Configuration

Casing Size 4 1/2"
Hole Size 6"

Product country of origin: Canada

Location of the product: Canada

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: GGXL-0450-0600

Original manufacturer: Geopro Oilfield Technologies

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GeoGLIDERTM XTREME centralisers is a result of Geopro experience in tubular deployment in Extended Reach Wells with critical success envelopes and doing this successfully.


XTREME centralisers provide advantages above the rest by making tubular deployment easier particularly in high-angle, horizontal wells or extremely tortuous well paths.

Tubulars can be deployed through more challenging boreholes as a result of unique design features of the GeoGLIDERTM XTREME centralisers.

Carefully designed offset touch pads result in the smallest borehole pass through diameter in the industry for without jeopardising stand-off. The wrap around tri-blade profile results in over 30% increase in flow-by area compared to the closest industry rival solid body centraliser, resulting in much in the smallest hydraulic diameter of any solid body rigid centraliser in the industry.

The implication is that the GeoGLIDERTM XTREME can be worked through tight spots a lot easier than your standard full-bore centralisers.


GeoGLIDERTM XTREME centralisers can be manufactured with a variety of materials. The base option is an Aluminium alloy (XTREME).


XTREME PRO is also Aluminium with a teflon coating for ultra low friction.


XTREME LITE comes in a variety of options. The formulation may include glass and teflon fibres to further reduce frictional losses and improve drag/torque with ultra-low friction factors.


The GeoGLIDERTM XTREME centralisers are available for 4 1/2” - 13 3/8” casing/tubular sizes. Other sizes can be manufactured at request. Ultra-low friction, lower risk Centraliser.


GEOPRO OILFIELD TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. (the "Company") is a Exempt Private Company Limited by Shares, incorporated on 7 April 2021 (Wednesday) in Singapore. The address of the Company's registered office is at the INTERNATIONAL PLAZA building. The Company current operating status is live and has been operating for 7 months.


The Company's principal activity is engineering design and consultancy services supporting mining, oil and gas extraction and offshore exploration activities.

Our company is ever growing and is constantly engaged in successively providing clientele with a team that has a wide variety of experience and knowledge within the industry. Completely customer orientated our team, no matter the location, look to build a professional long-term relationship in delivering the best service possible.

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