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Fracseal & Stoploss Material

Supplier PT OBM Drilchem

Product country of origin: Indonesia

Location of the product: Romania

Available:  For Sale

Product certification: ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, United Registrar of Systems, Achilles Certification, CFAS Certification

Supplier reference: CAS9004-34-6/EINECs232-674-9B

Original manufacturer: PT OBM Drilchem

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FRACSEAL™ is a finely sized (micronised) organic cellulose fibers that is used to:

-Minimizing fluid invasion, Stabilizing unconsolidated sand formations,

-Reducing torque and drag in highly deviated wells,

-Stabilizing shale, Stabilizing coal beds, Improving return permeability.

It is to be added in the active mud system for borehole protection by reinforcing / strength-ening the filter cake. The FRACSEAL™ fibers matrix within the thin wall cake will form an impermeable filter cake resulting in a very minimum fluid invasion (loss) into the formation.

As a result, FRACSEAL™ is ideal for drilling into various formations such as shale, coal, uncon-solidated sand and limestone. FRACSEAL™ is also non damaging and in fact gives better return when drilling through the payzone. This is due to the matrix of the FRACSEAL™ fibers trapping fine colloidal solids preventing it from invading the pores. The external cake is easily removed when the well is brought into production.

Recommended treatment: It is recommended mixing 8-10ppb of FRACSEAL™ in the active mud system for borehole stability and prevention of various problems such as sloughing of shale and coal as well as drilling through depleted or unconsolidated sand formation. The concentration can be increased up to 20ppb in the active mud when drilling through high matrix permeability formations.


STOPLOSS: A proprietary “single-sack” broad spectrum blend of sized and shaped materials designed to be effective in curing severe to total lost circulation. STOPLOSS™ is ideal for use in highly fractured/vugular formations without the addition of other conventional LCM.

STOPLOSS™ is packaged such that it can be used in remote area or where there is limited space for materials storage. It is thermally stable to > 450oF, 100 % Biodegradable and can be used in all type of drilling fluids.

Recommended treatment: To cure severe loss of circulation problems: Across the thief zone(s), spot in minimum 60 bbl pill applications in the ‘hesitation squeeze’ mode, up to 200 bbls of a STOPLOSS™ slurry at 40-50 ppb in pre-hydrated Bentonite.

To cure total losses: Above the thief zones(s), deploy in the same format above 100 bbl pills applications in the ‘hesitation squeeze’ mode, up to 300 bbls of a STOPLOSS™ slurry at 55-60 ppb in pre-hydrated Bentonite. Pre-cementing spacer: To eliminate cementing top jobs pump a minimum 50 bbl or 1500 ft equivalent STOPLOSS™ spacer at 70 ppb in pre-hydrated Bentonite or base mud.


PT OBM Drilchem is privately owned and successful manufacturer and provider of specialty drilling fluid additives to the global drilling industry. We develop products which are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of the drilling process thereby savings our customers considerable time and cost and allowing for optimum well productivity.

The Company is known as an innovation leader that has pioneered breakthrough products producing significant results in this industry. Our pioneering spirit is best demonstrated by our research and development team’s long-term commitment to continuous innovation. Our quest to perpetually reinvent ourselves is exemplified by our ever-growing portfolio in global and foreign patents. We have a library of case histories available that deliver successful performance of the products acknowledged by our respective Customers.

Our Customers partner with us to overcome their most difficult challenges ‘drilling the undrillable wells’ with our technology to provide them with the best solutions to meet their needs.

Being 100% Indonesian Company, we continuously support our long-term, strategic partner relationships and put it in a business long-term collaboration as a partner to provide continues progress for the industry.

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