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Conventional Top and Bottom Cementing Plugs // Size 4 1/2" Type Bottom



Product Technical Configuration

Size 4 1/2"
Type Bottom

Product country of origin: India

Location of the product: Romania

Supplier reference: COS-106-BP-1

Original manufacturer: Crimson Oilfield Services

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Conventional Cementing Plugs are manufactured from graded rubber that is fused upon a composite or aluminium core.


The top plug can be used when a dual plug system is not required, the bottom cementing plug can be used when a dual plug is needed.


The plugs are completely PDC drillable.


COS is a leading ISO 9001-2015, 11980:2014, 10427-1:2001 certified manufacturer of cementing and casing accessories and completion tools. Products include Cementing Products like– Float Equipment, Bow Spring Centralizer, Solid Rigid Centralizers, Spirolizers, Turbolizers, Cementing Plugs, Mechanical and Hydraulic Stage Tools, Cross-overs, Modified Thread Compounds etc & Completion Tools Like – Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, Liners, Hangers , Packers etc.

Started as a single equipment manufacturing company, COS has now grown into a formidable and widely respected organization. Driven by expertise, and as established industry leaders we will continue to expand market share in the rapidly growing North and South America and the Gulf region.

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