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NVM Liner Hanger System 5x7" 29-32 FXLKII BOT // Type Liner Hanger System



Product Technical Configuration

Type Liner Hanger System

Location of the product: West Africa

Available:  For Sale

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ZXP Liner Packer:

- 5.00 inch 18.00 lb/ft New VAM Box Down, X 7.000 inch 29.00- 32.00 lb/ft, with 20 ft Type PBR Ext.,

- 5.750 Ext OD, 5.250 Ext ID, 5.879 Tool OD, 4.276 Tool ID,

- 25 KSI SET, 22 RC Max, 80 KSI MYS 80 KSI MYS

- Baker (BOT) REF: H296240095

- 5.00 inch Liner Hanger Flex II HYD.

- 5.00 inch 15 lb/ft Butt Pin X Pin

- 5.005 inch OD, 4.408 inch ID

- 22 RC, 80 KSI MYS (will recut to new VAM 5.00 inch 15 lb/ft)

Baker (BOT) REF: H292670104


- 5" New Vam 15# Spacer Pup Joint BAKER (BOT) REF: H29920099

- 5.00 inch Type II Landing Collar 18 lb/ft Buttress Box X Pin

- 5.562 inch OD, 4.250 inch ID

- 2600 psi Shear, 1.500 inch OD Ball 22 RC,

- 80 KSI MYS (will cut and attach crossovers to new VAM)

Baker (BOT) REF: H266550387


- Float Collar Type II Valve 5.00 inch 18.00 lb/ft New VAM Box X Pin 22 RC 80 KSI MYS

Baker (BOT) REF: H101703114


- Float Shoe 5.00 inch 18 lb/ft New VAM Box Up Bladed Nose 22 RC 80 KSI MYS DV

Baker (BOT) REF: H999032657


- Drill Pipe Pump Down Plug Baker (BOT) REF: H270200056


- Liner Wiper Plug Baker (BOT) REF: H269210001


- Setting Ball (included no charge) Baker Size 1=1/2" Bronze Operating Ball

Baker (BOT) REF: HWX-1739-800

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