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Weatherford Standard Sliding Sleeves SSD Type XA 2.813'' 3 1/2" CSHY PXB X Profile 2,81 Reference 1418224 // Type Sliding Sleeve

Supplier Weatherford


Product Technical Configuration

Type Sliding Sleeve

Product country of origin: USA

Location of the product: West Africa

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: 1418224

Original manufacturer: Weatherford

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Weatherford’s WXO and WXA standard sliding sleeves are downhole valves that can be installed in the production string to provide communication between the tubing/casing annulus.

These sleeves are economical, versatile options with high availability.


The WXA sleeve is also opened and closed using standard wireline methods, but instead the inner sleeve is shifted upward to open the tool and downward to close it.

Both the WXO and WXA sliding sleeves are designed with a nipple profile on the upper sub to accommodate flow-control locks.


• Lifting gas
• Circulating inhibitors for corrosion control
• Displacing fluids in the tubing and annulus
• Controlling multiple-zone production through a single string


Weatherford is the leading wellbore and production solutions company, providing integrated solutions across well stages and customer domains to the oil and gas industry.

We integrate trusted technologies with innovative ideas to help finish wells earlier and produce more for longer.

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