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Mud Lubricated Drilling Motor // Outer Diameter 6 3/4" Length 24-33 ft Connectors 4 1/2 IF BOX x 4 1/2 REG BOX Torque 15000 lbf·ft Bit to Bend 77"

Outer Diameter




Bit to Bend



Product country of origin: Canada

Location of the product: Canada

Available:  For Sale

Product certification: ISO 9001

Supplier reference: MM5-675

Original manufacturer: Cougar Drilling Solutions

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The MM5 Mud Lubricated Bearing Mud Motor utilizes custom radial and thrust bearings to assist operators to drill longer in the harshest conditions.

The bearings are cooled and lubricated by the drilling fluid and these are designed to ensure reliable load transfers from the BHA to the bit.


Cougar motors are built to handle all drilling conditions from corrosive muds to high temperatures.


Cougar Drilling Solutions is committed to manage business by meeting or exceeding all applicable health, safety and environmental rules and regulations. We believe that accidents are preventable and every employee is responsible and accountable to implement the company core values, in order to have a safer workplace.

We will instill a culture that will promote the highest standards for health, safety and environment, available for all managers, supervisors, employees and contractors.

To that end, Cougar not only promotes and supports a strong safety culture, we involve our employees through internal advocacy programs, and focus on a series of leading indicators to measure engagement.

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