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Coiled Tubing Motor // Size 1 11/16'' Connectors 1'' AMMT



Product Technical Configuration

Size 1 11/16''
Connectors 1'' AMMT

Product country of origin: Canada

Location of the product: Romania

Available:  For Sale

Product certification: ISO 9001

Supplier reference: SS100-G2A

Original manufacturer: BICO Drilling Tools

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Reduced rubber swelling in temperature or nitrogen environments.

Two times the power of conventional stators. Does not lose RPM under loaded conditions like conventional stators.


Spiral design transfers heat from rubber to the steel outer tube. This design results in less chunking due to hysteresis because there is less rubber.

Longer life in many conventional applications like washing out sand plugs


BICO is a subsidiary of the Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment group of companies. SBO has established itself as the global market leader in the sector of precision machining and high-performance oilfield equipment manufacturing.

The industry-leading high-performance drilling motors are used in many areas of the oil and gas industry: They are deployed in areas spanning from directional and horizontal drilling down to so-called “thru-tubing” applications. BICO’s drilling motors are characterized by robust bearings with high torque capabilities and intelligent protection systems. They achieve a considerably higher ROP than conventional drilling motors, insuring ultra-long drilling projects are economically viable.

The focus on innovation is the basis of continuous, organic growth in our business segments and in our global network. In addition to new technologies, we are constantly evolving our existing products and manufacturing technologies. Through continuous improvement, we strive to further improve the efficiency and reliability of our products. Our innovative product solutions add value to our customers, allowing for more efficient and resource-conserving exploration, and grow their value generation.

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