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Latching Muleshoe Collar Only // Size 4 3/4" Material Body: 17-4 Design/Feature Modified for Locking Mechanism




Product Technical Configuration

Material Body: 17-4
Size 4 3/4"
Design/Feature Modified for Locking Mechanism

Product country of origin: USA

Location of the product: Other USA

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: 5070330-100

Original manufacturer: Winchester Interconnect

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Fishing Tool Clevis Assembly With Safe-Lock Latch


With drilling efficiency under constant scrutiny by oil companies and the U.S. government, analysts and engineers must find ways to get more out of their equipment. Our interconnect products deliver critical power and control signals to drilling components, making equipment more reliable and more productive.
Winchester provides the safe, durable solutions demanded by rugged drilling environments. It offers a range of interconnect products that are shockproof, can tolerate over a million mating cycles, and meet IP68 standards.
Winchester’s experts are available to partner with customers, delivering innovative solutions that improve throughput. With a global manufacturing footprint, we can serve customers anywhere in the world.

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Product Name Material Size Design/Feature
Latching Muleshoe Collar Only Body: 17-4 4 3/4" Modified for Locking Mechanism
Latching Muleshoe Collar Only Body: 17-4 6 1/2" Modified for Locking Mechanism

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