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Washover Pipe // Outer Diameter 95.3 mm Inner Diameter 82.6 mm Pressure Seal: 20 MPa Hole Size 105 mm

Supplier Tianhe Oil Group

Outer Diameter

Inner Diameter


Hole Size

Product Technical Configuration

Outer Diameter 95.3 mm
Pressure Seal: 20 MPa
Inner Diameter 82.6 mm
Hole Size 105 mm

Product country of origin: China

Location of the product: China

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: L21-113

Original manufacturer: Tianhe Oil Group

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Washover pipe is a special tool commonly used to release stuck section of drill string in the well bore.


Washover assembly consists of: Drive sub + washover pipe + washover shoe.


TIANHE provides a unique FJWP thread that adopts a two-step double shoulder threaded connection which assures quick make up and high torsional strength.


Tianhe Oil Group Co. Ltd. is a global group. We are specialized in the production of drilling tools, including R&D, production, selling, leasing, maintenance and services. Tianhe has 5 main businesses spread across the globe in more than 50 countries in the world.

Tianhe Oil Group management prioritize its people, technology, continuous improvement and building brand awareness. Our mission is to continuously strive innovation and improvement and expand our business in the oilfield. We increased the investment in technology research and development, always looking to provide our global customers with the best technical products and services.

Tianhe Oil Group strongly believes and promotes Total Quality Management, implements the ISO quality management system, HSE management system and API standards. Our manufacturing facilities are well equipped with four automated induction heat treatment lines and dozens of other types of heat treatment ovens and well furnaces (Box type, well type, carburizing heat treatment furnace) to ensure full coverage of heat treatment required by the different products.

So far, Tianhe Oil Group has established strong business relationships with over 200 international oil & gas companies in supporting the top 50 oil producing countries. For example, we have partnered with Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Shell, NOV, etc.

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Product Name Outer Diameter Pressure Inner Diameter Hole Size
Washover Pipe 101.6 mm Seal: 20 MPa 84.6 mm 114.3 mm
Washover Pipe 114.3 mm Seal: 20 MPa 99.6 mm 120.7 mm
Washover Pipe 127 mm Seal: 20 MPa 108.6 mm 146.1 mm
Washover Pipe 139.7 mm Seal: 20 MPa 124.3 mm 152.4 mm
Washover Pipe 146 mm Seal: 20 MPa 130.2 mm 162 mm
Washover Pipe 152.4 mm Seal: 20 MPa 136 mm 178 mm
Washover Pipe 168.3 mm Seal: 15 MPa 150.4 mm 187.3 mm
Washover Pipe 177.8 mm Seal: 15 MPa 159.4 mm 200 mm
Washover Pipe 193.7 mm Seal: 15 MPa 174.6 mm 212.7 mm
Washover Pipe 203.2 mm Seal: 15 MPa 184.2 mm 216 mm
Washover Pipe 206.4 mm Seal: 15 MPa 187.6 mm mm
Washover Pipe 219 mm Seal: 15 MPa 196.2 mm 244.5 mm
Washover Pipe 228.6 mm Seal: 15 MPa 207 mm 250.8 mm
Washover Pipe 244.5 mm Seal: 15 MPa 220.5 mm 266.7 mm
Washover Pipe 273 mm Seal: 15 MPa 250.2 mm 298.5 mm
Washover Pipe 298.5 mm Seal: 10 MPa 273.6 mm 323.9 mm
Washover Pipe 339.7 mm Seal: 10 MPa 313.6 mm 365.1 mm
Washover Pipe 406.4 mm Seal: 7 MPa 373.1 mm 444.5 mm
Washover Pipe 95.3 mm Seal: 20 MPa 82.6 mm 105 mm

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