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Double Acting Hydraulic Jar (UHJDA) // Outer Diameter 6 1/2" Inner Diameter 69.85 mm (2 3/4") Length 23.1 ft Connectors 4 1/2" IF

Outer Diameter

Inner Diameter



Product Technical Configuration

Outer Diameter 6 1/2"
Length 23.1 ft
Inner Diameter 69.85 mm (2 3/4")
Connectors 4 1/2" IF

Product country of origin: Canada

Location of the product: Canada

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: RIA-UHJDA-6

Original manufacturer: Wenzel Downhole Tools ULC

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For reliable defense against stuck drilling strings in highly deviated or high-friction wells, the Wenzel double-acting hydraulic jar (HJDA) offers sturdy and powerful hydraulic, bidirectional action. Variable, operator-controlled impact is achieved thanks to a pair of hydraulic metering valves that feature high-level flow restriction with large passage.

The metering device (Visco Jet) ensures consistent delay times over a full range of operating temperatures and delay can be changed by swapping jets. These high-performance valves have been used successfully in the aerospace industry, where precision and reliability is paramount.


The HJDA's latch-free design increases the range of jar placement options significantly. It can be used in tension or compression and is an excellent option when available force is not sufficient to jar down with conventional hydraulic mechanical drilling jars.


The HJDA is also designed without housing ports to the annulus that could restrict jar stroke, and impact strength and seal integrity. It is also built with just two oil chambers; this reduces the seals required, increasing reliability. Our patented Ultimate configuration substantially increases overpull capacity to the highest in the industry.

This design features multiple high pressure chambers to deliver this high overpull capacity, and allow you to make the most of modern rigs and today's premium strength drill pipe.


Invest in an insurance policy on which you can rely. Equip yourself with the industry-leading overpull strength of a Wenzel Ultimate drilling jar.

This pre-owned tool has been certified to be in good running order by Wenzel Downhole Tools ULC.



At Wenzel, our downhole tools and service are born out of your specific drilling needs.

We take pride in our work and in your success. When you choose Wenzel, you’re not just another customer–you’re part of the family.

Our offering goes far beyond what you’ll find on this site. If you are searching for a drilling solution that can’t be achieved with the products and specifications found within these pages, work with us to engineer and manufacture one that will get the job done.


Wenzel’s culture of safety, customer focus, exceptional quality and continuous innovation is a source of pride and identity. From the selection of steel to customer delivery and maintenance, our processes and people set the industry benchmark for conscientious and reliable offerings. Everyday, we work to pioneer and patent new concepts in product capabilities for unique drilling situations, and continuously improve our quality management system.

All material is of impeccable quality and sourced from well-respected suppliers in G7 countries. We track each product component’s lifecycle, reaching back to the mill certification and material base element composition. Our comprehensive manufacturing capability includes state-of-the-art equipment, certified engineers and journeyperson machinists and programmers.

Our specialized tungsten-carbide coating application processes include High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) and Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA). HVAF and PTA systems use automated robots to apply coatings, ensuring accurate and consistent repeatability.

All manufactured parts are subject to a 100% dimensional inspection.

The men and women in our shops are experienced tradespersons, certified engineers and highly knowledgeable, skilled professionals. We work shoulder to shoulder – within our company, with our suppliers, vendors, certified distributors and with you – to advance technology and provide leading downhole drilling solutions.

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