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Medium Voltage Switchgear // Voltage Up to 24kV 630A 20kA/4s Design/Feature Sealed by EPDM available (option); Relay: Self-powered Type TPS1




Product Technical Configuration

Type TPS1
Voltage Up to 24kV 630A 20kA/4s
Design/Feature Sealed by EPDM available (option); Relay: Self-powered

Product country of origin: China

Location of the product: China

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: TPS1

Original manufacturer: Beijing Hezong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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TPS1 is air insulated switchgear for up to 24kV secondary distribution network.

It is suitable for a lot of applications, like compact transformer substations, airport, industrial & mineral enterpriseand residence area, etc.


TPS2 is highly space efficient MV switchgear with 550mm wide panel.

It is air insulated equipped with vacuum load switch and vacuum circuitbreaker for most of switching application.


TPS6 Gas insulated is medium voltage switchgear for secondary distribution network.

It can be used as RMU for open ring network which offers a choice of either a switch-fuse combination or vacuum circuit breaker with relay for protection of the transformer. TPS6 is a completely sealed system.


TPS7 Green RMU is a new generation of environment-friendly type of switchgear developed exclusively by Hezong Science & Technology.

By adopting epoxy resin and dry air as insulating medium instead of SF6 gas or oil, TPS7 can provide customers utmost safety without any gas leakage hazard.


TPS8 is metal enclosed solid-insulated switchgear. Since it is SF6 –free, it eliminates the risk of gas leakage, thereby reducing effect on environment.

The main circuits are fully sealed in epoxy resin and main busbar and cable accessories are also fully insulated by silicone, thus ensuring stable performance and safe operation.


KYN28 is air insulated medium voltage metal-clad switchgear suitable for indoor installations. It has a wide range of applications in primary distribution network, such as utilities, power plant industries, marine sectors, transport and services.

It is designed to meet the most demanding international standards for safety, reliability and performance.


Beijing Hezong Science & Technology CO., Ltd (Hezong) is a high-tech enterprise providing technological solutions to our customers of power distribution and control equipment in the power industry.

We have always been strengthening innovation through our striving R&D department, and our innovative and patented technology combined with our advanced production base in Beijing, and strong marketing strategies of end-end partnerships has been leading Hezong to success on a global platform.

Our production base is equipped with advanced manufacturing and testing facilities with modern management systems, which ensure reliability and efficiency.

As one of the leading one-stop solution provider of power distribution systems in China, we offer products ranging from gas insulated ring main units, MV/LV air insulated switchgear, prefabricated substation, pole-mounted switches, distribution automation terminals (FTU/DTU), distribution transformers, to cable branching switchgear.

Hezong's sole purpose is to contribute towards attaining a more sustainable environment by providing high quality products and services to our clients all over the world and satisfy them.

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Related Product Variants

Product Name Type Voltage Design/Feature
Medium Voltage Switchgear TPS2 Up to 12kV 630A 20kA/4s Relay: Self-powered; Switch: 3-pos SF6 load break
Medium Voltage Switchgear TPS7 Up to 12kV 630A 20kA/4s Relay: Self-powered
Medium Voltage Switchgear TPS8 Up to 12kV 630A 25kA/4s Sealed in epoxy resin; Maintenance free
Medium Voltage Switchgear KYN28 Up to 24kV 4000A 40kA/4s Air insulated
Medium Voltage Switchgear TPS1 Up to 24kV 630A 20kA/4s Sealed by EPDM available (option); Relay: Self-powered
Medium Voltage Switchgear TPS6 Up to 40.5kV 1250A 25kA/4s Sealed in SF6 gas tank; Relay: Self-powered

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