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Schlumberger Lot of Y-Tool Spare Parts (Y-Tool & 375 Series Esp Equipment) Application 7" Casing // Type Y_tool Spare Parts

Supplier Schlumberger


Product Technical Configuration

Type Y_tool Spare Parts

Location of the product: Turkey

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference:

Original manufacturer: Schlumberger

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Y Tool Spare Part:


O-Ring, 2-021 AFLAS CPD MS-10-244
O-Ring, 2-229 AFLAS CPD MS-10-244
O-Ring, 2-228 AFLAS CPD MS-10-244
O-Ring, 2-227 AFLAS CPD MS-10-244
Coupling: S/A, 1.187-6B To .875-6A SPL,P
Coupling: .687-6A SPL, CT MTR 375, NACOA
Nipple: Reducing, CS, 2.37 OD 8RD EUE X
Kit: Mtr Winding Temp, J Type, Thermocouple
Adapter: Protector, 325/375 Series, .75-6C To 1.19 Spline
Adapter: Protector, 325/375 Maximus X 375 MTR,CS
Head: Bolt On Discharge PMP, 338, CS, 2.87 OD 8RD EUE,CS
Coupling: S/A, .69-6A SPL, PMP 387, 400
7X2-1/8 Bypass Clamp, 4140 (REDA 375 Protector)
Plug: Motor Base, Special 375 Series REDA
Coupling: S/A, .69-6A X .75-6C SPL, 338/
Guide: Re-Entry, Wireline Finned, 13CR, 2-1/8 PFJ B
Adapter: S/A, Mtr 375 X Phoenix Gauge, CS, M-TRM
7X2-1/8 Bypass Clamp, 13CR (REDA 375 Motor)
Nubbing: Assy, 2-1/8 Swivel Lift Standard
7X2-1/8 Bypass Clamp, 4140 (REDA 338 Pump/BOH)
Safety Clamp: Sub-Assy, 2-3/8 Safety Jaw
Stove Pipe Assembly: Standard 9-5/8 INS,
Joint: Tubing, 2-1/8 PFJ B X P, 15ft, L80 Type1
Wireline Loggin Plug Assembly Consisting
Clip: Assy Cable, 0.391-0.420 Cable
Mle:375 140Fft, KELTB M, 3 kV, 6/1, T/I, LPP
Pump: A2700N FL-LT 81 Stg 338/338 150 CP
Base Gauge: XT150 Type 0, 375 Series, VI
Protector: Maximus, LSBPB, 375/325/375,
Sub-Assy, 7.00 Std, L80 Type 1,
Motor: 375, 20, J200, RA-UT, CS, AS, HSFT
Motor: 375, 20, J200, RA-CT, CS, AS, HSFT
Pump: A2700N FL-CT 81 Stg 338/338 150 CS


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