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Petol (Gearench) - Bull Tong, 16" - 40"

Supplier Petol Gearench

Location of the product: UAE

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: RIA-TONG

Original manufacturer: Petol Gearench

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Petol (Gearench) - Bull Tong, 16" - 40"


PETOL™ GEARENCH was founded in Houston, Texas in 1927.

The first patented product, the Gearench, was called The Greatest Utility Wrench on the Market.

From this original tool, the company has grown and developed over 40 product lines for use in various areas of the oil field as well as many other vital industries.

With nearly a century of designing, manufacturing and delivering reliable tools we are now PETOL™ a name inspired by the founders.

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