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G2 Switchblade Stabilizer // Inner Diameter 2 13/16" Number of Blades 6 Length 2.52 m Weight 648 kg Connectors 6 5/8" Reg

Inner Diameter

Number of Blades










Application: Downhole Drilling

Product country of origin: UK

Location of the product: KSA Netherlands Oman UAE

Available:  For Sale and Rent

Product certification: API 7-1,7-2, NS2

Supplier reference: G2T1

Original manufacturer: European Drilling Projects

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The Switchblade design addresses the known issues of the conventional blade stabilizer with its enhanced hydrodynamic profile and versatility.


The system is ideal for a field development or remote operating location as the blades are rig site replaceable to reduce unnecessary inventory and transportation costs.

The outer diameter of the blades can be adjusted on the surface to cover a 1” range (see technical description) this flexibility enables the onsite engineer to configure/fine-tune the BHA to cover a wide range of drilling applications.


The tool profile and blade orientation improve BHA and drillstring stabilization by reducing torque, drag and torsional vibration – all key causes of borehole enlargement and subsequent BHA component failure.

The enhanced hole cleaning ability limits pack off tendency, aides ECD management and minimises borehole erosion when tripping and backreaming.

Better drill fluid displacement reduces the risk of swabbing and surging in comparison to conventional blade stabilisers when tripping – a key cause of wellbore instability.


Blade Dressing: Brick Pattern Tungsten Carbide or Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP) Inserts



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