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Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Outer Diameter



Joint Diameter

Product country of origin: China

Location of the product: China

Available: For Sale

Supplier reference: IHWDP312

Original manufacturer: Found Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.


Integral heavy weight drill pipe is a transition zone between drill collar and drill pipe.

It can not only reduce stress-formation in the connection of drill pipe, but also reduce the wear on OD.

Connected to buckle NC38


Found Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is located in the beautiful prairie steel city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, the company existing plant covers an area of 185342㎡, with a total investment of 800 million Yuan.

The Company sophisticated production equipment, detection means complete, strong technical force. Mainly includes the 800 tons of fully automated intelligent horizontal forging machines, intelligent friction welding machines, 1000 tons of hydraulic straightening machines, 800 tons of hydraulic upsetting units and the upmost advanced heat treatment production line. The company employs 268 people, including senior professional and more than 50 technical staff.
In 2008 the company officially became a member of China national petroleum corporation of suppliers. We then started eporting products to mire than 20 countries including Canada, the United States, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, Syria, Venezuela, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India and so on. 

We are open to work on technical and customized request for quotation at a global level.

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