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Dispersant (Drag Reducer) // Appearance Reddish-brown liquid Consistency ≤20 Bc/85℃, 70.3 MPa,44min Compression Strength ≥0.80 (110℃, 21 MPa, 24h)



Compression Strength

Product Technical Configuration

Appearance Reddish-brown liquid
Consistency ≤20 Bc/85℃, 70.3 MPa,44min
Compression Strength ≥0.80 (110℃, 21 MPa, 24h)

Product country of origin: China

Location of the product: China

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: UPV-L

Original manufacturer: Beijing OilChemLeader S&T Development Co., Ltd.

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Dispersant (Drag Reducer):

Appearance, Reddish-brown liquid

Initial consistency, Bc/85℃,70.3mPa,44min ≤20

Thickening time ratio/85℃,70.3mPa,44min 1.0-2.0

Compression strength ratio/110℃,21mPa,24h ≥0.80


Beijing OILCHEMLEADER Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1985, with headquarter in Beijing and manufacturing plant in Xinxiang, is the professional manufacturer of oilfield chemicals in China.

With more than 30 years of operating history, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of nearly all series of oilfield chemicals products and related services including: Drilling Additives, Cementing Additives, Oil Recovery Additives, Acidizing Additives and Water-treatment Agents, all of which are field-proven products by CNPC, SinoPec and CNOOC and have been widely applied in nearly all primary oil-fields in Chinese region, and are also exported to USA, Russia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Iran, Sudan, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, etc.

We have received positive feedback from our customers in China and overseas.

OILCHEMLEADER is also ISO9001, ISO14001, QHSAS18001 certified and API 9001 & API Q1 certified.

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Product Name Appearance Consistency Compression Strength
Dispersant (Drag Reducer) Reddish-brown liquid ≤20 Bc/85℃, 70.3 MPa,44min ≥0.80 (110℃, 21 MPa, 24h)

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