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DDS Corehead // Bit Size 8 1/2" Number of Blades 9 Material Body: Matrix Blade Configuration Single Row Cutter Size 13 mm

Bit Size

Number of Blades


Blade Configuration

Cutter Size


Product country of origin: Belgium

Location of the product: Belgium

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: NA03G449M

Original manufacturer: Diamant Drilling Services

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Additional options such as:

-MicroCORE (TM)

-different cutter type (Premium, Phoenix)

-different nozzle count

-extended or stepped gage

-diamond protection

-anti-balling coating

-dual hybride cutting structure

-special cutter chamfer are available


Our highly experienced R&D, Design, Manufacturing and Operations team ensures that your drilling costs are continuously being lowered as a direct result of innovative bit design and application.

In today’s global oil and gas exploration market, we understand the concept of « No more easy oil… » Our engineers are dedicated to ensuring that each product that leaves the factory is the right product for the application. We work closely with drilling engineers and directional companies across the globe, continuously developing technologies to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements.

Our ethos of continuous improvement means that we work closely with our customers in every application to ensure that we design and manufacture the optimum product for the job.

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