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Coring Bits // Size Pin Shank: 83 Bit Size 8 3/8" Inner Diameter 101.6 mm Weight 15 kg


Bit Size

Inner Diameter


Product Technical Configuration

Size Pin Shank: 83
Inner Diameter 101.6 mm
Weight 15 kg
Bit Size 8 3/8"

Product country of origin: China

Location of the product: China

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Supplier reference: 88FG1395A

Original manufacturer: Daqing Damei Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Core bits are cutting tools used to remove a piece of material.

Core bits have a hollow center and differ in application and each bit is customizable in size.


Daqing Damei Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980. Its predecessor was Drilling Technology Research Institute of Daqing Huizhan drilling headquarters.

In 1995, Daqing Oilfield was divided into a joint-stock enterprise. It is a company affiliated to Daqing Oilfield, and it first realizes the overall anti-corrosion phosphating treatment process of core taking tools in the world. Our center is a professional manufacturer integrating core taking tools, design, manufacturing and technical services. Currently, there are 4 senior engineers, 6 engineers and 25 technicians. Our center products have been used in Daqing Oilfield for 40 years, and have developed "conventional core taking tools for deep well anti inverted buckle", "closed core taking tools", "hydraulic sealed core taking tools", "shallow hydraulic conventional core taking tools", "horizontal well core taking tools", "inclined well core taking tools", "small diameter core taking tools (121 coring tools, 127 coring tools, 133 coring tools, 140 core taking tools, 140) Core taking tool and 168 coring tool, from "well Portuguese deep-i" (4500m) in 1998 to Xujiaweizi gas field, have a depth of more than 4000 meters, with 87 core wells, with a yield of 99.8%, close to 150 closed core taking, core taking efficiency of 95%, and sealing rate of 98%. The well depth is from 500m-5500m. The core recovery rate of gypsum rock in Lenghu lake of Qinghai Province is 56%. The results show that the core feeding speed of natural diamond impregnated bit is 0.5m per hour and the yield is 100% in the 3500m (quartz granite) geothermal well in xiong'an new area. The core of two 3000m wells of the fourth hydrogeological engineering geological team of Hebei geology and mineral industry is taken, and the core recovery rate of elastic glial mudstone is 80%. The core recovery rate of 3300m gravel broken hard stratum in Xiasiwan, Changqing Oilfield is 85%, and the sealing rate is 90%. Our company has provided nearly 100 services for major oil fields and major drilling companies in China, and has been praised by Sichuan, Dagang, Jilin, Xinjiang, Changqing, Shandong Shengli, Tianjin Geothermal Exploration and development design institute, Hebei geology, Shandong geology, Inner Mongolia coal field, Shanxi coalfield, Shandong Kerui, Hong Kong Zhongke Baitian, Beijing Huayou and more than ten foreign countries. The products are exported to Russia, Kazakh, Ukraine, the United States, Sudan, Colombia and other 15 countries. It has obtained 8 patents, and is one of the two major core taking professional companies in China.

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Product Name Size Inner Diameter Weight Bit Size
Coring Bits Pin Shank: 83 101.6 mm 15 kg 8 3/8"
Coring Bits Pin Shank: 83 104.78 mm 26 kg 8 1/2"
Coring Bits Pin Shank: 83 101.6 mm 24 kg 7 1/2"

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