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Oil Sealed Mud Motors // Bit Size 16"-36" Material Carbide rotor Lobes 6/7 Stages 5.0 Motor Size 11 1/4"

Supplier OSC Dynomax Ltd

Bit Size




Motor Size

Product country of origin: Canada

Location of the product: Canada

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: 11 1/4 Series1

Original manufacturer: OSC Dynomax Ltd

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Oil Sealed Mud Motors:



*Sealed Oil Lubricated Bearing Assembly

*Can accommodate the use of Screw on Stabilizers, or Kick Pads

*Flow Restrictor design allows for a near balanced condition in Bearing Assembly Seals

*Designed to achieve expected build rates while maintaining a lasting oil reserve for longer runs



*Standard Adjustable configuration allows to adjust the bend setting on site from 0-3 degress in 13 increment

*Offer either conventional hard band Kick Pads or TCI inserts with a gradual dome to help with steering, hole cleaning, and eccentric wear

*Offer Fixed Bend Housing configuratios which will shorten the Bit to bend of the tool



*Splined Drive Shaft Design to provide a vibration-free transmission of power through the motor



• Available with helical hard banding to help enhance getting cuttings to surface, limit drag and protecting the stator as well as expensive BHA assets nearby

• Float bore available to eliminate the need for a specific float sub

• Rotor catch available (allows flow through when engaged)

• Flex Subs for med. to high deviation

• Dump valve available upon request

• Premium connections available


Dynomax Drilling Tools Inc., Leduc, Alberta, Canada

10 Years of Providing Quality and Innovation to Drilling Operations Globally.

DYNOMAX supplies leading performance drilling products engineered for the oil and gas industry. We provide high value products and services for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling operations worldwide.

Our product lines include Mud Motors, Shock Tools, Drilling Jars, Slide Reamers and Regulator Subs, which bear our industry-leading technologies backed by experience in the field—tools that are built for extended uses.  
We’ve maintained a reliable reputation for delivering tough tools with versatility, and service that’s well above standard. Our QA/QC Program ensures that every tool that makes it to the field meets or exceeds expectations on the field.

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