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Roller Cone Bits // Bit Size 12 1/4" Type Tooth: TCI IADC Code S617G

Bit Size



Product Technical Configuration

Bit Size 12 1/4"
Type Tooth: TCI
IADC Code S617G

Product country of origin: China

Location of the product: China

Available:  In Stock

Supplier reference: 000059

Original manufacturer: Great Drill Bit Co. Ltd.

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Technical Overview: Roller Cone Drill Bit

Unlock Precision Drilling with Roller Cone Drill Bits - Your Ultimate Drilling Solution

Discover the power of roller cone drill bits, a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the world of drilling. Designed for versatility and optimal performance, these drill bits feature cone-shaped rotating cutters that excel in various geological formations, making them a go-to choice for oil and gas drilling applications, geothermal, mining, and more.

A roller cone drill bit is a critical tool in the field of drilling engineering, specifically designed for the extraction of subsurface resources in diverse geological formations. The fundamental components of this precision instrument include:

1.     Conical Rotating Cutters:

·         The defining feature of the roller cone drill bit is its cone-shaped rotating cutters. These cones are equipped with specially designed teeth or inserts strategically placed for optimal cutting efficiency.

2.     Bearings and Seals:

·         Precision-engineered bearings and seals facilitate smooth rotation of the cones. These components endure substantial axial and radial loads, ensuring stability and longevity in demanding drilling conditions.

3.     Bit Body:

·         The bit body serves as the structural framework, housing the rotating cones and supporting the entire drilling operation. Constructed from high-strength materials, the bit body withstands the mechanical stresses encountered during drilling.

4.     Cone Types:

·         Roller cone drill bits come in various configurations, with different cone types suitable for specific geological formations. Common cone types include Milled Tooth, Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI), and Diamond Enhanced (Diamond Insert) cones, each offering unique cutting characteristics.

5.     Rotational Mechanism:

·         The rotational motion of the drill string is transmitted to the roller cones through the bit body. As the cones rotate, the cutting elements engage with the subsurface formations, creating a borehole.

6.     Drilling Fluid Circulation:

·         Roller cone drill bits incorporate channels and nozzles for efficient circulation of drilling fluids. This serves multiple purposes, including cooling the cutting elements, carrying drill cuttings to the surface, and maintaining wellbore stability.

7.     Application Specifics:

·         Roller cone drill bits are chosen based on the specific geological conditions encountered in drilling operations. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of formations, offering effective drilling solutions in both soft and hard rock environments.

Bearing with high saturated nitrile rubber reduces sealing pressure and improves sealing reliability. Full rubber oil storage capsule provides good lubrication for bearing system. Gauge protection improves the gauge ability and prolong the service life of the bit. A row of teeth is added between the back taper and the outer row to dress the wellbore and protect the body of the cone.

TCI Type: Center jet can avoid bit balling, eliminate fluid area at bottom hole, expedite upward flow of cuttings and improve Rate of Penetration (ROP). 

Steel Type: New wear-resistance material maintain the mechanical drilling speed and improve the life of cutting teeth at the same time.

TCI Roller Cone Bits: Large diameter offset crested scoop compacts in inner row, wedge compacts in outer row.

It is suitable for soft with low compressive strength and high drillability such as shale, clay, sandstone, soft limestone, etc.

In summary, the roller cone drill bit is a precision-engineered tool designed for versatility and durability in the extraction of natural resources. Its unique conical cutters, robust construction, and adaptability make it a cornerstone in the realm of subsurface drilling across various industries.


Roller cone drill bits are versatile tools designed to handle various drilling challenges in the oil and gas industry, as well as other sectors. The main applications for roller cone drill bits include:

1.     Oil and Gas Exploration and Production:

·         Roller cone drill bits are widely used in the oil and gas industry for the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons. They are effective in drilling through different formations, including soft and hard rocks, to reach oil and gas reservoirs.

2.     Geothermal Drilling:

·         In geothermal drilling operations, roller cone drill bits are employed to penetrate the Earth's crust to access geothermal reservoirs. These bits are capable of handling the diverse geological conditions encountered in geothermal exploration and production.

3.     Mining Operations:

·         Roller cone drill bits find application in mining operations for the extraction of minerals and ores. They are used to create boreholes and drill into various types of rock formations, providing a crucial tool for mineral exploration and extraction.

4.     Water Well Drilling:

·         Roller cone bits are utilized in water well drilling projects, enabling the creation of boreholes to access groundwater. Their adaptability to different geological formations makes them suitable for drilling water wells in a variety of environments.

5.     Construction and Infrastructure Development:

·         Roller cone drill bits play a role in construction projects, particularly when creating foundations or conducting geological surveys. They are effective in drilling through different types of subsurface materials encountered in construction activities.

6.     Environmental Exploration:

·         Roller cone bits are employed in environmental exploration projects, such as soil sampling and environmental impact assessments. They provide a reliable method for drilling through various soil types and geological formations.

7.     Scientific Research and Sampling:

·         Roller cone drill bits are used in scientific research applications, including geological and environmental sampling. Researchers rely on these bits to collect core samples from different depths for analysis and study.

Roller cone drill bits are valued for their adaptability, making them essential tools across a range of industries that involve drilling into the Earth's subsurface for exploration, resource extraction, and various scientific purposes.

Advantages versus PDC bits

Roller cone drill bits and PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) bits are two common types of drill bits used in the oil and gas industry, each with its own set of advantages. Here are the main advantages of roller cone drill bits compared to PDC bits:

1.     Versatility in Different Formations:

·         Roller cone drill bits are known for their versatility across various geological formations, including both soft and hard formations. They can effectively handle mixed formations, making them suitable for drilling in diverse subsurface conditions.

2.     Adaptability to Changing Conditions:

·         Roller cone bits can adapt to changing drilling conditions more easily. If the hardness or type of formation changes unexpectedly during drilling, roller cone bits often have better adaptability and can continue drilling without the need for frequent bit changes.

3.     Impact Resistance:

·         Roller cone bits are generally more resistant to impact and shock loading compared to PDC bits. This makes them more suitable for drilling in formations with varying hardness, reducing the risk of damage to the cutting structure.

4.     Better Performance in Abrasive Environments:

·         Roller cone bits tend to perform well in abrasive formations where the cutting structure may encounter wear. The rolling motion of the cones can distribute wear more evenly, contributing to a longer bit life in abrasive conditions.

5.     Cost-Effectiveness in Certain Applications:

·         Roller cone bits can be more cost-effective in certain drilling scenarios, especially when dealing with changing formations or when frequent bit changes are required. They may offer a better economic solution in some situations compared to PDC bits.

6.     Drilling in Deviated Wells:

·         Roller cone bits are often preferred in deviated or directional drilling applications. Their design allows for effective steering in deviated wells, providing better control and stability during the drilling process.

While roller cone drill bits have these advantages, it's important to note that PDC bits also have their strengths, such as higher penetration rates in specific formations and longer bit life in certain conditions. The choice between roller cone and PDC bits depends on the specific geological conditions and drilling requirements of each project. Many drilling operations use a combination of both types of bits depending on the characteristics of the formations encountered.


Great Drill Bit Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998.

We are specialized in research, design, manufacturing and sales of drill bits and downhole tools, such as PDC bits, Roller cone Bits, all kinds of reamers, coring bits, hybrid bits, torkbusters and motors.

Thanks to our advanced design tools, manufacturing process, international management system and continuous technological innovation, the quality of our products is highly recognized from both domestic and foreign customers. We currently sell in the USA, Russia, Canada, Middle East, Central Asia, India and Indonesia.

Our mission is to continuously improve our performance and service.

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