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Hydrobur-service, LLC Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar // Outer Diameter 4 21/64"

Outer Diameter

Product Technical Configuration

Outer Diameter 4 21/64"

Product country of origin: Russia

Location of the product: Russia

Available:  For Sale

Supplier reference: HJDA-105

Original manufacturer: Hydrobur-service, LLC by NewTech Services

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The Hydrobur-service jar is designed to free a drilling tool stuck in a hole by jarring against the stuck point.

Our drilling jar is a double acting hydraulic jar designed for use during drilling operations to apply an intensified force against a stuck portion of the drill string by jarring either up or down.


Our fishing jar is a hydraulic jar designed to free a stuck portion of the drill string by applying an impact force during fishing operations by jarring up and delivering upward impact force with a higher frequency than a drilling jar due to a faster recharge.


Our double acting hydraulic drilling jars and hydraulic fishing jars have a set of featured standardized assembly components that allow for the assembly of either of the models while manufacturing.



• Simple, robust and dual-use design

• One set of spare parts and accessories

• Drilling or fishing assembly manufacturing depending on operational needs and requirements

• Order-to-shipment time saving 



Яс предназначен для освобождения прихваченного в скважине бурового инструмента путём нанесения ударов по месту прихвата. Ясы гидравлические буровые двустороннего действия предназначены для работы в составе бурильной колонны в течение всего процесса бурения скважин с целью обеспечения безаварийной работы.


Ясы гидравлические ловильные предназначены преимущественно для высвобождения аварийного оборудования скважине в случае его прихвата при бурении нефтяных и газовых скважин и капитальном ремонте. Яс гидравлический ловильный позволяет развивать многократную осевую одностороннюю ударную нагрузку вверх и передавать вращающий момент для ликвидации прихвата нижней части бурильной колонны.


Ясы буровые и ясы ловильные производства ООО «Гидробур-сервис» отличает унифицированность большинства узлов, которыепредставляют собой универсальный конструктор на этапе сборки на производстве и/или сервисной базе.



• Простота, надежность и универсальность конструкции

• Один комплект ЗИП на оба типа ясов

• Возможность модифицировать яс из бурового в ловильный и наоборот при наличии сервисного центра

• Сокращение сроков производства и поставки от момента заказа и до отгрузки заказчику


NewTech Services (NewTech Services Holding Limited) is an international oilfield services company founded in 2009. NewTech Services Holding Limited supplies technology products and services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry in Russia and CIS countries, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.

NewTech Services develops technology and expertise within 4 Business Divisions: Drilling Services, Completion Systems, Integrated Project Management, Capital Equipment Sales. The company’s Drilling Services Division designs, manufactures, and markets roller cone and fixed cutter drill bits and positive displacement mud motors, bottom-hole assembly and borehole-enlargement tools and technologies, impact tools; provides fishing and remedial services, as well as managed pressure drilling solutions.

Its Completion Systems Division provides services comprising single, dual and multistage completions; open-hole and cased-hole well completion services and equipment, such as packers, safety valves, and expandable systems.

The company’s Integrated Project Management Division offers well planning and drilling, engineering, supervision, logistics, procurement and contract management services.

Its Capital Equipment Division markets seismic survey equipment, bottom-hole assembly and completion equipment as well as provides post-sale services.

NewTech Services Holding Limited comprises of a number of original equipment manufacturers including Hydrobur-service, Varel NTS, Frontier Oil Tools, Frontier International, Frontier MWD Systems, Remote Measurement Systems Limited, Wolverine Oilfield Technologies. The company has offices in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Argentina, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the USA and the UK with the headquarters in Moscow, Russia and Houston, USA.

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